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how to fix the yellow light of death - YLOD

Updated on July 3, 2011

PS3 Yellow light of death - YLOD

The yellow light of death
The yellow light of death | Source


In this Section of the Problems with the PS3 errors, were looking at the Yellow light of death, AKA The YLOD. you will find out what causes the Ylod and also what happens and finally what you can do to fix the problem.

What is The YLOD/RED LIGHT - Yellow light of death

There are a few problems with the PS3 these days and the Ylod - Yellow light of death is all to do with the the hardware internally. There are 2 Chips inside the PS3 that make the PS3 work correctly. The 1st one is the GPU (graphics) basically this one will generate your graphics for each game or dvd. The 2nd chip is the CPU (brain) with runs everything else in the console like memory, functions, controllers and so on. The 2 chips are soldered on to the Motherboard so they cant move or lose connection to the Motherboard. If either chip loses connection at any time that is when you get all sorts of problems with the PS3.

How could the GPU + CPU Lose connection?

Well when your playing your games or dvd's and cd's and so on the PS3 will heat up, The problem is that there is just one small heat sink and a few fans and when you think about the graphical requirements of games you can see why it heats up. When you finish gaming or what ever your doing, the console will then cool down, over a period of time this hot and cold effect on the solder causes it to crack and at that point your chips will lose connection to the motherboard causing all the problems with the PS3.

What does the Ylod/Red light error Look like?

Below is a picture for the Ylod, you should know you have this ps3 Problem straight away because the PS3 will not power up and you will get different light colours on your Power light. The cause of the YLOD is not your fault as your only doing what the PS3 is made for, Gaming.

Lets get this fixed and back to gaming
Lets get this fixed and back to gaming | Source


Option 1 Send it to Sony

Well the usual way would be to send the PS3 off to Sony so they can re-solder the chips back in place and send the console back to you. If your still in warranty it is probably your best option as it is free to do and Sony will collect the Console from you. If your not in warranty than the procedure will cost you a Massive $150 which I feel is way to high because it was not your fault and also the procedure to fix the problem is surprisingly simple. The whole Process will take 4-6 weeks due to the amount of times this happens and how busy the repairs department is.

Pro's - its free if your in warranty

Con's - Cost $150 if not in warranty also a wait time of 4-6 weeks

Option 2 Take it to PS3 Repair man

Some stores do claim to be able to fix the PS3 but this will come at a cost and your under no guarantee that it will work but you would still have to pay for the service. now after searching around the most common price is around $90 all but one was lower than that but the website came up with a few warnings so I would not risk someone offering the fix for less.

Pro's - It is cheaper than Sony, wait time is less than Sony

Con's - No trust or guarantee the fix will work and is just to risky for me. wait time is still around 2 - 4 weeks

Option 3 Fix the Problem With a PS3 Repair guide

If your New to the world of problems with the PS3 then you may not know what a PS3 Repair guide is.

Click here to Read my review on the one I use,

In short it is a ebook that you download instantly which gives you all the simple step by step instructions to preform the fix yourself. it will come with video's which will make it even easier, just do what you see. and lastly they come with a Technical support team to help you fix any problems with the ps3. They are cheap and safe as they have been written by experts for the absolute beginner.

Pro's - fix all problems with the PS3, Cheapest option, Safe and no technical nonsense also no wait time, fix the PS3 within 2 hours of download. 100% Money back guarantee if your unsuccessful within 60 days

Con's - Struggled to find cons on this because I know from personal experience they work. The only thing I would say is that there are a lot out there and some charge more than others, do not pay more than $40 for a good PS3 repair guide. I have seen people pay up to $100 for one and that is a Rip off.

So you have learned what the YLOD is and What it looks like also what can be done to fix the problem. I have given my best 3 options clearly and I hope you get your Problems with the PS3 sorted out.


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