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How to fix the PS3 Hard Disk corruption Error

Updated on August 9, 2011

PS3 Hard Disk Corruption error



So in this section of problems with the ps3 I will discuss the PS3 HARD DISK CORRUPTION ERROR This can be quite common like the YLOD - Yellow light of death. When you have the HDD Corruption error you will receive an error message on the screen as your PS3 will not be able to function correctly because it cant access the correct files needed as the HDD is corrupted. This may affect all sorts of items like games, photo's music and videos.

How do you get the PS3 Hard disk corruption error?

There are a number of ways this can happen, you could be downloading an update and if you lose connection to the ps3 network, this will cause the file to be unfinished and unreadable, once this happens the system will read that file as a corrupted file (unrecognisable) and then blocks access to the whole hard disk to protect from further damage to the PS3. Problems with the ps3 happen everyday so were here to help, read on to see how to fix this common problem.

It could also happen if you turn your ps3 off wile loading or saving files. all in all if a file is incomplete it becomes corrupt.

How to fix the PS3 Hard disk corruption error?

1. If you take out the hard drive and power up the PS3, you should then get a message on the screen asking you to insert HD to be formatted. Just follow all the on screen instructions and this should fix the problem.


If the problems with the ps3 HDD is worse than we thought try number 2 below.

2. Try the same steps as above but in another PS3, like a friends or a family members, this is know as a clean format and should work fine.


3. This trick is a little more complicated and you will need a PC or Laptop. This trick is an absolute guaranteed method of fixing these type of problems with the ps3 HDD.

For legal reasons I can not explain any more than that but I can advise where you can get all the information for this fix, the best news is, ALL SAVED DATA WILL BE RECOVERED!

To get all the information for this fix, you will need what's called a PS3 Repair guide, it's a fantastic little product that gives you simple step by step instructions to fix all problems with the PS3 including the PS3 hard disk corruption error, you simply download the repair guide straight to your pc, follow the instructions and the problem is fixed. You also can download videos to fix the problem making it even easier just do what you see.

Click here to read a full review of our recommended PS3 repair guide.

I would like to wish you good luck and im sure you will be back up and running in no time at all.


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      Don 3 years ago

      Me 22222

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      Pradeep 4 years ago


      My PS3 is facing with disc error message. Before I format, I would like to take a back up of all my saved data. Please guide me on how to take back up using USB or laptop. I am unable to access back up screen on my PS3, as I get an error message, disc is corrupted