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iSlash Game App For iPhone - Tips, Cheats, Set Level Walkthroughs

Updated on February 10, 2012


If you are looking for iSlash game app tips, hints, cheats and level walkthroughs, then you are in the right place. The iSlash iPhone and iPad app is a very popular download and in this article we will review the game, look at some iSlash tips, see if there are any iSlash cheats and also see if we can help you out with any level walkthroughs. Basically, this guide should tell you everything you need to know about the iSlash iPhone game app.

The iSlash game is a clever little puzzle game. Currently it is free to download from the app store so if you want something to keep you occupied for a few hours then this is well worth a look. The game takes a simple idea and builds upon it to challenge players with lots of different levels. So now let’s take a closer look at this excellent iPhone and iPad game.

The iSlash Game


When you open the app up you are taken to the main menu page. Here you are greeted with the nice soothing music. I would say this is a Japanese style game and much of the music and the graphics are based on this concept. From the main menu page you can view the credits, go to the options page and adjust the sound settings. Another option is to click on the social tab, this take you to the leaderboard page. Here you can select either the OpenFeint leader boards or the Game Centre leader boards. These are handy features as it means you can compare you iSlash scores with both your friends and other players from around the world. It also means your score will get posted on global leaderboards.

To play the game you simply click on play. This takes you to the level selection screen. You are given the choice of set 1, set 2 or set 3. Set 2 is locked until you have completed all the level on set 1. Set 3 says that it is coming soon, so it is thought that more levels will become available for the game in the near future. So new players will have to select Set 1. There are now 50 levels to choose from, however, you can only play a level if you have completed the level before, so there is no skipping ahead in this game, you need to complete the levels in order.

Game Play


When you are ready to play the game you simply click on the level you wish to play. New players have to start on level 1. The first level gives you some basic instruction on how to play. The idea is simple, you are presented with a colored shape with a few stars that bounce round inside the shape. You must slash away bits of the shape until you have cleared enough to complete the level, but you must keep the stars together. At the top of the screen there is a bamboo shoot, each time you slash off a section of the shape, the bamboo reduces down, when you reach the red marker, you have completed the level.

Each level has a different shape on it. As you move through the levels the shapes become more complex and more difficult to slash. You also get more stars moving around in your shape. After you have completed some of the basic level you are introduced to metal sides, you can not slash through these so the game becomes more of a puzzle rather than just random slashing. Further on in the game you can pick up bonuses for slashing off big chunks. You can explode a star or slow down time for example, these help you complete some of the harder levels. On the early levels there is no real time limit on your slashing. However, as you progress you come across exploding stars, the idea is you have to complete the level fast before the star explodes and ends your go.

On each level you play you are awarded stars for how well you do. You can earn between one and three stars per level. Your score is based on how long it takes you to complete the level, how many slashed you do and how much of the shape you remove. You can go back and play a level again to try to get a better score second time around.

Tips, Cheats & Level Walkthroughs


When it comes to tips for iSlash there are a few we can look at. If you want to score really big points you want to slash as few times as possible. On some of the early levels it is possible to just use one slash to complete the level. Another tip is to try and get rid of as much of the shape as you possibly can, this will help your score, in this regard your last slash is very important. When you are on the levels where you can pick up the bonus icons, it is important to get these, so look for big chunks of shape you can slash off. On some levels you need a bit of luck, wait for the right moment when there is a clearing and then slash away as much as you can.

If you are looking for cheats for iSlash then I am afraid that currently there are none available. This is still a new game so it maybe that in time someone comes up with some iSlash cheats, but as of now there are none available. You will just have to try and play the game in the way that it is meant to be played.

If you are looking for level walkthroughs then again it is quite hard to come up with any. There is really no set way to complete many of the levels, it’s just about timing a luck. One level that is very tricky though is level 35. This is in the shape of a spider. The temptation is to slash off the legs and then trap all the stars in the body. This is not the best method. You want to slash the body early on as this is a large area and will help you complete the level. Then you want to try and get the stars down one of the legs, then you can slash the other legs away. Trying to get the bonus icons on this level also helps.

The iSlash game app for the iPhone and iPad really is a great fun little puzzle game. It is one that is easy to play and yet very addictive. Some of the levels are really very tough and so it takes lots of practice and patience to complete them. So if you want a good fun little app that will keep you occupied for a while, then iSlash is well worth a download.


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