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InnoTab 2 vs LeapPad 2

Updated on January 15, 2014

InnoTab 2 vs Leappad 2

If you are shopping for a kids tablet for a preschooler or a kindergartner, you are probably trying to decide which tablet to buy - InnoTab 2 vs LeapPad 2. Which kids tablet is better? Let me assure you that both, InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2, are great toys, and your child will love the gift, no matter which tablet you choose. So it really is a matter of your preference and which tablet better suits your and your child's needs.

In this article, I will pinpoint the differences between the 2 tablets - InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 - and will try to help you decide which tablet to buy. For children older than 6 years old, an Android tablet with wi-fi may be a better option. It will be a better long-term investment, and the money you save on Apps will offset the cost difference between an Adroid Tablet and a kids toy tablet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment in our GuestBook: InnoTab 2 vs LeapPad 2

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Black Friday Deal on InnoTab and LeapPad

Amazon is running awesome Black Friday deals on LeapPad Ultra and Innotab 3s, the wi-fi learning tablet. For a limited time, get a free $20 Amazon gift card when you purchase InnoTab 3s and a $30 promotional credit when you purchase LeapPad Ultra. Be sure to locate the deal before you complete your purchase (the terms and conditions are directly below the item description on Amazon website). Also, LeapPad and InnoTab games are half price!

Kids Toy Tablets: InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2

Introduction to Tablets for Kids

InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 are kids toy tablets that are similar to toy handheld devices like VTech's MobiGo, LeapFrog's Leapster, and other gaming systems. The look of these kids toy tablets resembles the look of adult tablets, but it's important to understand that InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 are not Android tablets, they don't have an Internet Browser, and the selection of apps and games you can purchase for the devices is limited to what's offered by the tablet's manufacturer (VTech's app library has a good selection of educational apps, games, and videos for InnoTab 2, just like LeapFrog's app library offers a good selection of apps, games, and videos for LeapPad 2). Both, InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 have touch screens and your child can use the included styluses or fingers to play games. Both, InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2, are recommended for kids ages 3 to 9 years old by their manufacturers. But I have heard it from many parents that kids ages 7 and up are a lot more interested in tablets like Kindle Fire HD, so I would recommend buying an InnoTab or LeapPad for kids under 6 years old. As for 2 year olds, even the smartest 2 year olds might find InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 a little difficult to navigate, so 3 years is a good age to get them started on a kids tablet.

Your Options: - LeapPad 2, InnoTab 2, InnoTab 2s with wi-fi, LeapPad 2 and InnoTab 2 bundles

LeapPad 2 and InnoTab 2 are the newest versions of LeapPad and InnoTab tablets that first came out in 2011. You can find my comparison of the older versions of the tablets here: InnoTab vs LeapPad. LeapFrog and VTech made some great improvements to the kids tablets: better camera and video recorder for LeapPad 2 tablet and a rotating camera for InnoTab 2 tablet (InnoTab was lacking a camera when it first came out), more onboard memory, and overall better gaming experience. After releasing InnoTab 2, VTech came out with an even newer version of the tablet - InnoTab 2s with wi-fi. It is important to understand that the wi-fi feature is for downloading apps from VTech's website vs connecting it to a computer through the included USB cable. There is no Internet Browser, and your child will not be able to surf the web or watch Netflix on the device.

Innotab 2 vs Leappad 2 - Side by Side Comparison


InnoTab 2 is made by VTech, the maker of Switch and Go Dinos, KidiBeats Drumset, 2-in-1 Discovery Table, and many other popular toys. LeapPad 2 is made by Leapfrog, the maker of Letter Factory Phonics, Tag Reading System, Leapster, Poppin' Play Piano, etc. If you have a brand preference, LeapFrog over VTech or VTech over LeapFrog, you may choose to go with the brand you trust the most. Also, if you already own a Leapster, you may prefer LeapPad 2 because Leapster Games are compatible with LeapPad Tablets.

Color Options

InnoTab 2: Pink and Blue, LeapPad 2: Green or Purplish Pink


InnoTab 2: 2 GB onboard memory + SD card slot expandable up to 32 GB of memory (SD card sold separately), LeapPad 2: 4GB onboard memory.


InnoTab 2: rotating camera and video recorder plus photo editing app included, LeapPad 2: front-and-back camera and video recorder plus included Art Studio app for photo editing and included Cartoon Director App for creating cartoons using photos taken with the device.

Innotab 2 vs Leappad 2

Batteries and battery consumption


InnoTab 2: 4 AA batteries (not included), LeapPad 2: 4 AA batteries (not included). You can buy chargers for InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2. Many InnoTab owners report short battery life and high battery consumption. The issue seems to be less of a concern for LeapPad owners.

Chargers for InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2

Although regular batteries will last your child a little while, you might soon realize that you are burning through batteries too fast. I highly recommend that you purchase Energizer rechargeable batteries or Recharger pack for LeapPad 2 and VTech or Energizer rechargeable battery kit for InnoTab 2 (I think Energizer is the most affordable and pretty reliable option). Car power adapters are also good to have for long road trips. I advise against AC Adaptors sold by VTech and LeapPad - they will not charge the tablets and will only provide power supply while the tablet is plugged in.

Innotab 2 vs Leappad 2



When compared to LeapPad 2, InnoTab 2 is about 1.5 times slower when it comes to loading home screen and launching apps.


Both, InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 have 5" Touch screens, but LeapPad's screen is brighter. Overall, LeapPad resembles an adult tablet while InnoTab looks more like a toy.


InnoTab 2 comes with two styluses, LeapPad 2 has a touch screen and comes with one pre-stringed stylus that can be stored in the side compartment.

Video Player

Both InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 play videos. LeapPad 2 can only play video apps purchased from LeapFrog. Unlike LeapPad 2, InnoTab 2 will also play movies you download on the SD memory card (and movie apps purchased from VTech).

MP3 Player

Both InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 have MP3 players. LeapPad 2 will play music albums purchased from LeapFrog. For $5, you can also purchase this MP3 player app and upload music from your computer. InnoTab 2 will play music you download on the SD memory card (and music purchased from VTech) - no app purchase necessary.


InnoTab 2 is usually around $20 cheaper than LeapPad 2.

Innotab 2 or Leappad 2 - Games and apps

Both, Leapfrog and VTech have good libraries of apps and games available for their devices. You can either buy cartridges and use them for the devices or purchase apps online and download them on to the devices. Most apps for Leappad 2 start at around $5. InnoTab apps are cheaper and start at $2.99. You can view Leappad app library here: Leappad 2 apps library and InnoTab app library here: InnoTab 2 apps library. Although both app libraries are very comparable, LeapFrog seems to offer a better app selection for younger kids. Please note that when you buy game or ebook cartridges or games (vs individual apps) online (the ones for around $15-$20), you usually get a game/ ebook with several apps/ activities included within the game - that explains higher per game price when compared to app pricing. You can often get a better deal on game pricing when you purchase InnoTab 2 or LeapPad 2 games from Amazon - check game pricing below.

Games for InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 - for ages 3 to 8 years old

Innotab 2 and LeapPad 2 apps and games at a discount

$20 app credit can be purchased on Amazon for as low as $11-$12. Please note that pricing of App Center Download cards can fluctuate from day to day but is usually around $15 average.

Innotab 2 or Leappad 2?

Which one should I choose?

InnoTab 2 has a few great features that LeapPad 2 is lacking, but be sure to check out the Product Videos below and read customer reviews by clicking on product links for LeapPad 2 and InnoTab 2 featured below. Overall customer feedback is better for Leappad 2 vs InnoTab 2. And with faster processor, brighter screen, better apps for younger kids, LeapPad 2 is rated better by parents who purchased both Leappad 2 and Innotab 2 devices for their children. It's also worth noting that LeapPad is #1 Learning Tablet, based on the NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service; PS Electronic Learning.

Do you have a preference?

InnoTab 2 or Leappad 2

See results

LeapPad 2 - Best Place to buy LeapPad 2

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink
LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink

Great price, Free Shipping, No Sales Tax.

I strongly suggest that you scroll down to the InnoTab 2 tablet featured below and click on the product link to read the excellent customer review of both, InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 tablets by a Mom who purchased both tablets for her kids. Although she likes both tablets and gives both tablets great reviews, she gives InnoTab only 3 stars out of 5 and suggests that LeapPad 2 is a better tablet for younger kids. She points out that InnoTab's processor is significantly slower, and that's important when you are picking out a tablet for a child with a short attention span.


Leappad 2 - Official LeapFrog Commercial on YouTube

Free Leappad Apps

You can get 2 free LeapPad apps by redeeming these codes at the Leapfrog App Store:

Alphabet Stew Game:


The Book of Super Awesome Stuff:


To redeem the codes, connect the Leappad to the computer and go to the app store. Find the Redeem code button and enter the 2 codes.

InnoTab 2s with Wi-Fi - Best Place to buy InnoTab

VTech InnoTab 2S Kids Tablet, Blue
VTech InnoTab 2S Kids Tablet, Blue

Great price, Free Shipping, No Sales Tax.

Need the option of transferring movies and music on to the kids tablet? Want a tablet that's ready to play with straight out of the box, with little set-up required? Then go with InnoTab 2.


Innotab 2 - Official VTech Commercial on YouTube

Accessories for Innotab 2 and Leappad 2 - Gel skins, storage cases, screen protectors, and headphones

Just like with adult tablets, it's a good idea to give kids tablets some protection with a gel skin, a carrying case, and a screen protector. There is a good selection of accessories available for both tablets - you can buy gel skins, storage cases, screen protectors and headphones for either tablet. The first three items featured below are for LeapPad 2 tablet and the last two are for InnoTab 2.

InnoTab 2 vs LeapPad 2 - Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      Have only had the LeapPad and it was a huge hit.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Excellent reviews and comparisons between the InnoTab 2 and LeapPad 2 and you sure make a lot of sense with your recommendation for kids 6 or older, may as well get the most out of those technology investments. Nicely done!