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Kingdoms of Amalur The Great General Quest

Updated on February 24, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur the Great General Quest

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the hero continues in the main quest by meeting Alyn Shir in Emaire (after meeting the Fae King of Summer Court within the Gardens of Ysa). This will activate the Great General quest, as Alyn Shir advises that the hero must recruit heroes in the coming fight against the Tuatha. The first such hero is the great general Tilera, who is camped outside the gates of Urul-Tusk. The gates of Urul-Tusk cannot be opened. However, General Tilera entrusts the hero to go forth to the ancient windstones scattered across the lands, and activate them using the chime. By doing so, the gates of Urul-Tusk will open. This will guide the hero in going to the five ancient windstones and then striking the chime to activate them. It will also guide the hero in defeating the various monsters that are encountered on route to activating the ancient windstones, and the Niskaru Bloodhunters and Niskaru Tyrant that will be released on activation of the windstones.

Kingdoms of Amalur First Ancient Windstone

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the first ancient windstone is located just south of General Tilera. Activate the chime to release a Niskaru Bloodhunter. One Niskaru Bloodhunter is child's play for the hero. Simply use storm bolt, and then stave and dagger attacks to defeat the Niskaru Bloodhunter. Return to General Tilera to find that the hero must activate four other windstones.

Kingdoms of Amalur Locations of Five Ancient Windstones

Kingdoms of Amalur Locations of Five Ancient Windstones in the Great General Quest
Kingdoms of Amalur Locations of Five Ancient Windstones in the Great General Quest

Kingdoms of Amalur Second Ancient Windstone

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the second ancient windstone is located to the very north of the continent. The path to the second ancient windstone is guarded by a variety of the denizens of the Kingdoms of Amalur. The following are a list of suggested tactics which can be used to defeat these beasts.

  • the Bear (For the bear, one could use shield and then use the stave to create the vortex, followed by storm bolt, and then several strikes with the stave again)
  • the Borlan Things (By this stage, the hero should have attained the arcanist tier, and can blink or teleport away from the Borlan Things. Now draw one Borlan Thing away from the other, and attack them one at a time, using a combination of storm bolt and shadow flare, followed by stave or dagger attacks)
  • the Barghests and the Leanshe (This fight is tough, and one may have to use reckoning to defeat all the Barghests and Leanshe. Remember to bring plenty of minor healing potions for this fight)

If the hero has not used his fate points or the full fate meter, then the time to use this is after activating the second ancient windstone. Two Niskaru bloodhunters will materialize to hunt the hero. Going into reckoning phase will make this fight super easy; otherwise be prepared to teleport repeatedly, and time yourself perfectly to launch counterattacks of storm bolts and shadow flare to defeat the Niskaru bloodhunters.

Kingdoms of Amalur Third and Fourth Ancient Windstone

In Kingdoms of Amalur, the third and fourth ancient windstones will be guarded by Niskaru bloodhunters or Tuatha warriors. If the hero is getting impatient getting to the third and fourth ancient windstones, then run past the monsters along the way and focus only on reaching the ancient windstones. Eventually the wandering monsters will depart. This running tactics can be applied to getting past the two waves of Niskaru bloodhunters that will be released on activating one of the ancient windstones. Go into reckoning mode to defeat one wave of Niskaru bloodhunters. Then run away from the second wave if the hero is too tired to defeat the second wave. Unfortunately, the running technique is hard to apply for the Tuatha warriors. Either use sneak attack, or just use the might, sorcery and finesse techniques to defeat the Tuatha warriors. There will be two waves of Tuatha warriors. Defeat them to activate the ancient windstone.

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeating the Niskaru Tyrant

Kingdoms of Amalur Defeating the Niskaru Tyrant at the Final Windstone (And Fending Off the Niskaru Bloodhunter)
Kingdoms of Amalur Defeating the Niskaru Tyrant at the Final Windstone (And Fending Off the Niskaru Bloodhunter)

Kingdoms of Amalur Awake the Final Ancient Windstone

In Kingdoms of Amalur, awakening the final windstone will release the Niskaru Tyrant and his minion the Niskaru bloodhunter. This fight is difficult, and is made even more difficult by the surrounding mobs outside the area of the fifth ancient windstone. This means that the hero cannot just run away from the NIskaru Tyrant because he will be attacked by the monsters in this area. The suggested tactics for defeating these monsters are listed below.

First head to the final windstone, and activate it. Unleash the Niskaru Tyrant and the Niskaru bloodhunter. Now this will cause the fate meter to jump to about mid level. If the hero is already at full fate meter, go into reckoning mode and attempt to defeat the Niskaru Tyrant. Within the reckoning phase, the Niskaru Tyrant can be easily defeated. Otherwise, if the fate meter is not full yet, run out of the area of the fifth ancient windstone fast. Go out and draw the other monsters around the hero. When the hero is out of range of the Niskaru Tyrant, attack the monsters. These enemies include kobolds and freeman assassins. Defeat these monsters to build up the fate meter. Once all these enemies are defeated return to face the Niskaru Tyrant. Unleash reckoning, and watch time slow down. Now unleash the attacks of storm bolt, shadow flare or the hero's favourite moves and attacks on the Niskaru Tyrant. Do not give the Niskaru Tyrant any chance to retaliate. Finish off the Niskaru Tyrant and then take care of the Niskaru Bloodhunter. Once these two are defeated, return to General Tilera to report your success in completing the Great General quest and open the gates of Urul-Tusk.


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