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Mass Effect 3 Armor Types

Updated on March 12, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Armor Types and Armor Set

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard can use a variety of armor types. A complete armor set consists of parts corresponding to helmet, chest, shoulders, arms and legs. There are two ways to obtain a complete armor set for each armor type. Either Shepard can plough through various missions and look for each individual part of an armor type and compile them into an armor set at the armor locker, or Shepard can just purchase them from various branded kiosk at the Citadel. The former can be very frustrating if Shepard wants to concentrate on the exciting battles within each scenario as he has to search for each individual armor component at the same time. The latter is simplier but the resultant armor type may not be as good as the ones found in the various missions. It all depends on how Shepard wants to use his armor type abilities to complement and maximize his powers as a infiltrator or a vanguard. Let's examine the armor types found at the kiosks at the Citadel.

Mass Effect 3 Armor Type - Blood Dragon Armor

Mass Effect 3 Blood Dragon Armor
Mass Effect 3 Blood Dragon Armor

Mass Effect 3 Inferno Armor

This is purchased from the Kassa Fabrications Kiosk at the Presidium Commons at the Citadel. The inferno armor set has the follow bonuses:

  • power recharge speed + 30%
  • power damage + 30%

Mass Effect 3 Blood Dragon Armor

This is purchased from the Kanala Exports kiosk. The blood dragon armor set has the follow bonuses:

  • power recharge speed +10%
  • power damage +30%
  • shields +20%

Mass Effect 3 Cerberus Armor

This is purchased from the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk. The cerberus armor set has the follow bonuses:

  • ammo capacity +10%
  • weapon damage +20%
  • shields +10%
  • health +20%

Mass Effect 3 Collector Armor

This is purchased from the Nos Astra Sporting Goods kiosk. The collector armor set has the follow bonuses:

  • shield regeneration speed +20%
  • shields +20%
  • health +20%

Using Armor Type to Boost the Powers of the Infiltrator or the Vanguard

Let's use two class examples to illustrate how using a particular armor type will boost Shepard's powers. As an infiltrator specializing in sniper shots and with the tactical cloak skill tree maxed out (in the use of one bonus power before uncloaking), Shepard will need great recharge speed for tactical cloak and great damage from his incinerate power so that he can cloak, throw incinerate at the most powerful enemy on the battlefield with maximal damage, take down one extra enemy with one shot, and then uncloak, reload, cool down as fast as possible and repeat this action again. Hence the Inferno Armor type with its boost to power recharge speed and power damage will be ideal for this sort of action.

As a vanguard specializing in biotic charge, close range ranged weapon attack (ie rapid shotgun attacks) and then run back to cover, Shepard will need maximal damage from the biotic charge when he rams enemies. Shepard will then need maximal attacks from the shotgun, and increasing the ammo capacity of his best shotgun will go some way in doing this. Next, Shepard needs to be able to withstand enemy attacks when he is out of cover. A high shield score, a high shield regeneration score and a high health score will be needed. Hence the Cerberus armor set will be best suited for Shepard. The Collector armor set is an alternative, although it is not as damaging as the Cerberus armor set.


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