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Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2 Layout

Updated on March 12, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2

Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2
Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2

Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2 Layout and Plan

In Mass Effect 3, the Normandy SR-2 has been refitted by the Alliance and has a new layout and plan. Let's use the lift to segregate and explain the layout and plan of the Normandy SR-2. The Normandy elevator will allow Shepard to access the five levels of the Normandy SR-2.

Mass Effect 3 Getting Reacquainted with the Normandy SR-2

When Shepard first leaves the citadel, he will have a dream. On waking up the next morning, Liara will talk to Shepard near the Normandy Combat Information Center. Comm Specialist Samantha Traynor will come in and ask Shepard to head over to the vid com and speak to Admiral Hackett. This is the chance for Shepard to gain more renegade points. Once this talk is over, Shepard will have a chance to get reacquainted with the "new" Normandy SR-2

Mass Effect 3 Normandy Combat Information Center and War Room and Terminal Area

The Normandy Combat Information Center lies within level 2 of the Normandy SR-2. Once the talk with Hackett is over, head over to the War Room Terminal, and activate it to see Shepard's war assets.

At the beginning of Mass Effect 3, the war room terminal will show the alliance to have a total of 540 points, consisting of various corps and divisions within the alliance. Dr Karin Chakwas and Diana Allers will add more war asset points to this number. This war asset number is further reduced by a percentage point representing galactic readiness. The galaxy consists of the Terminus System, the Attican Transverse, the Earth Systems Alliance Space, the Inner Council Space and the Outer Council Space. This will stand at 50% initially, and will improve as Shepard rallies the galaxy to his cause.

Leave the war council area, and head to the familiar normandy tactical command area, where Shepard will meet Comm Specialist Samantha Traynor again. This cutie hails from the Terminus System, but was educated in Oxford and her parents lived in London. Familiarize Shepard with the galaxy map in the center of this room, and Traynor on the right, and Shepard's email and training system on the left. At this point, the N7 Cerberus labs mission on Sanctum will be activated. Of course, Joker has resumed his role of pilot at the head of Normany SR-2.

Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2 Crew Deck Area

The Normandy SR-2 Crew Deck consists of the following areas. Points beside each location within the crew deck illustrate their importance.

  • Liara's cabin – talking regularly to Liara will trigger off the rekindling of romance with Liara if Shepard had romanced Liara in Mass Effect

  • Liara cabin intel terminal – allows for intel to be collected and bonuses to be added. Check back often

  • Liara cabin shadow broker terminal - allows for Liara's shadow broker resources to compile up to date information for Shepard
  • Main Battery

  • AI Core – contains Dr Eva's body; this will be reactivated later

  • Medical Bay – allows for reassigning of powers, and acquisition of bonus powers if Shepard has gained the trust of his companions

  • Mess Hall

  • Starboard Observation

  • Lounge

  • Crew's quarters

Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2 Engineering Section

The Normandy SR-2 Engineering Section houses Engineer Adams and Diana Allers. Speak to them for the first time to gain renegade and / or paragon points.

Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2 Shuttle Bay

The Normandy SR-2 Shuttle Bay contains the following personnel and armory. The armory has important interfaces for making Shepard and his squad mates more powerful by purchasing and upgrading their weapons and armor.

  • Lieutenant Cortez

  • James Vega

  • Procurement Interface - contains options for purchasing armor, weapons, weapons upgrade and medi-gel. These items are branded as Kanala Exports, Sirta Supplies, Kassa Fabrication, Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies and Spectre Requisitions. Play with this to see the powerful weapons and armor Shepard can purchase and the amount of credits they cost.

  • Armor Locker - allows Shepard to change the armor setup on his body; this consists of various components like Helmet, Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Legs. Use the graphical diagram on the right to swap around and maximize the armor set capabilities on Shepard for total combat effectiveness. This is also available in Shepard's captain cabin (level 1).
  • Weapon Bench

  • Shuttles

Once Shepard has learnt the layout of the “new” Normandy SR-2, it's time to head to Palaven and take a shuttle to Menae to recruit the first war ally in the fight against the reapers.


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