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Mass Effect 3 First Visit to Citadel

Updated on March 18, 2012

Mass Effect 3 First Visit to Citadel

Mass Effect 3 First Visit to Citadel
Mass Effect 3 First Visit to Citadel

Mass Effect 3 First Visit to Citadel

In Mass effect 3, the first priority: the citadel mission after the mars mission marks Shepard's first visit to the citadel. Shepard has to rush to the citadel for various reasons including meeting with the council members and getting Ashley Williams to Huerta Memorial Hospital for treatment of her near fatal wounds at the hands of Cerberus. At the citadel, Shepard can speak to and get reacquainted with many friends and enemies, gaining renegade and paragon points and trust with companions.

Mass Effect 3 Speak to Dr Chakwas and Dr Michel

Dr Chakwas is now working temporarily for the Alliance at the Huerta Memorial Hospital. She is with Dr Michel. Speak to Dr Chakwas to start the ball rolling. To recruit Dr Chakwas, reply with “You belong on the Normandy” and then carry on. To deny her the chance of working on the Normandy, ask her to stay at the lab. With Dr Chakwas working at the Alliance, she becomes a war asset. Dr Michel speaks with a nice foreign accent. To enlist her into the Normandy medical bay, tell her that the Normany needs a doctor, and then use renegade or paragon options to persuade her to join. Either way, Shepard will gain some reputation points.

Mass Effect 3 Speak to Ashley Williams

Before heading into the inpatient bay to speak to Ashley Williams, take note of the Sirta Supplies kiosk in the hospital lobby. Activate this and purchase the Medi-Gel Capacity from the kiosk to increase the Medi-Gel capacity to four. This will be very helpful indeed for difficult missions later on, when all four medi-gel slots will be needed during combat. Although Ashley is unconscious during Shepard's first visit to the citadel, she will learn later that Shepard came to visit. Repeated visits to Ashley will allow a potentially intimate and serious relationship to be built up between Shepard and Ashley. Buying her a collected alfred tennyson from the Sirta Supplies kiosk will help with this potential romance with Ashley Williams.

Mass Effect 3 Speak to Commander Bailey and Khalisah

Shepard can speak to the new C-sec head Commander Bailey. Khalisah the journalist is just leaving when Shepard comes into the room. To get more renegade points, tell Commander Bailey that “it's a stupid game.” Later, gain even more renegade points by activating the renegade trigger when Khalisah wants an interview with Shepard.

Mass Effect 3 Speak to the Council and Councilor Udina

The main aim of Shepard's priority: the citadel mission is to speak to the council and the council members. Of course, they refuse to help despite the evidence gathered by Liara on Mars on the prothean device. Enter Council Udina's office and be interrupted by the turian council member. This will trigger the favour for a favour mission. Gain more renegade points by saying “You can't be serious”. The spectre status of Shepard will also be reinstated after this. After heading out of Councilor Udina's office, head directly opposite into Shepard's spectre office. Within the Spectre requisitions panel, one can purchase the following weapons -

  • the Black Widow 1 sniper rifle for 250000 credits

  • the M-11 Wraith 1 shotgun for 250000 credits

  • the M-77 Paladin for 200000 credits

Mass Effect 3 Speak to Diana Allers and James Vega

Before leaving the citadel, remember to speak to Diana Allers at the docking area, and James Vega at the embassy offices. Diana Allers can join the Normandy as an alliance news correspondence, and becomes a war asset. Speaking to James Vega builds up his trust.

It's time to leave the citadel and use the Normandy SR-2 to head for the Apien Crest, the Turian homeworld Palaven and it's moon Menae.


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