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Prototype 2 Defeat Brawlers in Operation Flytrap Mission

Updated on April 27, 2012

Prototype 2 Defeat the Brawler

Prototype 2 Defeat the Brawler in Operation Flytrap Mission.
Prototype 2 Defeat the Brawler in Operation Flytrap Mission.

Prototype 2 Defeat Brawlers in Operation Flytrap Mission

In Prototype 2, the operation flytrap mission is Heller's chance to prove to Father Guerra that Blackwatch can be stopped. In the operation flytrap mission, Heller has to go to the test site to defeat brawlers – mercer virus infected creatures with claws ready to rip Heller apart. This will guide Heller in defeating the brawlers and then the blackwatch forces and tanks to complete the mission.

Prototype 2 Get to the Test Site to Defeat the Brawler

Heller would have mastered the basic game mechanics by this stage. Use the map and sprint to the test site to see the brawler being released from the vehicles. Defeating the first brawler is not that easy. Heller just has to alternate between attacks with his punches and dodging the brawler. With the Xbox 360, this means pressing X for a quick punch attack, and then press A for dodge. Quick punch attack and then dodge, again and again. The inexperienced Heller may be damaged by the brawler quite badly whilst picking up the basics of the punch attack. When health is low, the screen will turn black and white. Grab a by-passer and consume the essense to regain health. When health is sufficiently high, return to defeat the brawler. When the first brawler is defeated, Heller will be able to consume the brawler. Consuming the brawler will alter or evolve the DNA of Heller, and he will develop his first powers - the claws.

With Heller's claws, proceed to defeat the second brawler. This will be easier compared to the first, and the movements are the same - quick claw attacks and then dodge repeatedly. If Heller is feeling a bit more adventurous, then hold X for a claw pounce attack. However, this requires good coordination as the brawler is fairly agile himself. With some practice, the brawler will be defeated.

Prototype 2 Defeat Blackwatch Forces

The demise of the brawler does not signal the end of the operation flytrap mission. Blackwatch forces now arrive to stop Heller. Now that Heller has gotten the hang of the claw attacks, he will find dispatching the blackwatch forces fairly easy. However, remember to dodge the rocket attacks when the blue laser light starts shining on Heller. With the blackwatch troops down, Heller will next face the Blackwatch APC. Pick up the abandoned rocket launcher on the ground, and take a careful aim at the APC. Release the missile, and watch the Blackwatch APC explode.

With the completion of the operation flytrap mission, head back to Father Guerra to recruit him officially into the Heller vendetta against Blackwatch and Gentek.


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