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Risen 2 Become A Pirate

Updated on May 13, 2012

Risen 2 Become A Pirate

In Risen 2, the hero must attempt to impress Steelbeard, become part of his crew and become a pirate. To do this, the nameless hero must complete several tasks, including -

This will guide the hero in completing some of the quests above and impressing Steelbeard to the point where the hero will be recruited into the ranks of the pirates (under Steelbeard). This will allow Steelbeard to set sail, and the main quest to continue in search of the titan weapon.

Risen 2 Defeat Termites and Become A Pirate

Risen 2 Defeat Warrior Termite and complete Sugar Shipment Quest, on route to becoming a pirate
Risen 2 Defeat Warrior Termite and complete Sugar Shipment Quest, on route to becoming a pirate

Risen 2 The Rum's Got to Flow Again

One of the longer tasks above involves trying to start the rum flowing again and into Steelbeard's ship. The rum has stopped flowing because of the lack of both sugar and water. To restore the flow of rum, the hero must find the bags of sugar within the Termite cave (the sugar shipment quest) and motivate the water carriers (the water carriers quest) to start working again.

In the sugar shipment quest, find the pirate's den and speak to both Steelbeard and Booze at the tavern to start this quest. Then head back to speak to Jack at his tower to learn of the existence of the termite cave and how the giant termites have taken bags of sugar to the cave. Help Jack achieve peace and quiet by defeating termite workers and termite warriors. Head into the termite cave pick up the bags of sugar. With the bags of sugar, head back to the pirate's den and then find Alister above the tavern. Tell him of the return of the bag of sugars, and that is one half of the quest completed.

Now head into the stream that lies on the other side of the pirate den and find two men arguing with each other. The third man has just given up trying to break up the quarrel. Speak to these men, and then speak to Curtis. Curtis will offer one of the men the job (of a guard) at the pirate den perimeter fence. Convince Foster and Corby to return to work by allowing the other man to attend to guard duty. Foster and Corby will start carrying water from the stream once the other man is gone. Head to Alister and tell him that there is both water and sugar. Rum will start flowing again.

Return to Booze and confirm the good news. Then speak to Steelbeard and he will walk to shore to negotiate with Booze about the rum.

Risen 2 Freeing Largo

Largo is found in the prison tower just south from the sugar planatation at the barracks. Speak to Largo and learn that he can be freed if the nameless hero brings him a lockpick. Go to the pirate's den and speak to Booze about Largo. Remind Booze how much debt Largo owes him. Booze will concede and give the hero a lockpick. Return to Largo and give him the lockpick. This will trigger off a fight with Carter, the guard sitting outside Largo's cell. Defeat him, and Largo will be freed. Note that Largo is also the sneak and lockpick teacher.

Risen 2 Challenge Hank

Another task to impress Steelbeard is to challenge (or be challenged by) Hank to a fight. Hank can be found in Booze's tavern and will become jealous is the hero speaks to Holly. So do that, and Hank will come forth to pick a bone with the hero. Finish him off, and speak to Steelbead about this.

Risen 2 Become A Pirate

Risen 2 Become A Pirate
Risen 2 Become A Pirate

Risen 2 Find Pete's Treasure

Finally, the last two steps to impress Steelbeard and become a pirate involve finding O'Brian's treasure and Pete's treasure. To find Pete's treasure, use fast travel to get to Vasco's tower. From Vasco's tower, turn left and head down the path until the three savages are seen. If the nameless hero is too weak to defeat them simply run past them. Beyond the savages lies the body of Pete. Search him to find Pete's treasure map. Click on the active quest. Head over to the X sign. Grab the shovel and start digging to unearth Pete's treasure. Pete's treasure includes the legendary item Meerschaum pipe (firearms +1).

Now with all these tasks completed, head back to Steelbeard and brag about your achievements. Steelbeard will be impressed and allow the hero to swear a blood oath and become a pirate.


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