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Risen 2 Redistributing the Loot Quest

Updated on May 13, 2012

Risen 2 Jim Related Quests

Risen 2 Jim Related Quests - Ready to redistribute the loot
Risen 2 Jim Related Quests - Ready to redistribute the loot

Risen 2 Jim Related Quests Including Redistributing the Loot

In Risen 2, Jim will be used or controlled by the nameless hero after he learns voodoo magic to enter Earth Temple and speak to Bakir and Crow. Before reaching the temple, Jim must be manipulated to willingly give up a locket of his hair. After reaching the earth temple compound, Jim will have to sweet talk and use the tools of his trade (ie silver tongue, pickpocketing, etc) to persuade Floyd to let him enter the temple. This will guide the nameless hero to use voodoo magic to successfully take control of Jim, and then guide Jim into talking his way into the temple. It will also guide the nameless hero into learning the existence of Jim's treasure and then getting Jim's treasure map. Jim's treasure map will allow fast travel within the Sword Coast region and is very useful indeed.

Risen 2 Get Jim's Hair and Create Jim's Voodoo Doll

To get Jim's hair, simply talk to him and then offer him rum. Tell Jim that the nameless hero can get a protective amulet for him (to protect Jim from the voodoo witches). In exchange, the hero will need some stands of Jim's hair. Jim will give up a locket of his hair. After completing the crow's shipment quest, speak to Chani and she will instruct the hero to go to the voodoo altar. Before heading to the voodoo altar to create Jim's voodoo doll, the hero must have gotten some jade from the Hikoko's Jade Quest. Buy 1 set of teeth and 1 voodoo doll from Kapua. Buy 1 eye from Badriya. Now head to the voodoo altar and create Jim's voodoo doll. Once the doll is created, go to Jim and put Jim's voodoo doll in the quick slot inventory area. Activate Jim's doll and follow the instructions on the screen. Jim will be voodooed and under the control of the hero.

Risen 2 How to Enter Earth Temple by Redistributing the Loot

Jim enters the Earth Temple compound. The people to speak to and the tasks that Jim needs to do are listed below -

  • Floyd – Floyd guards the entrance to the Earth Temple. Speak to Floyd and ask him why he is in such a foul mode and will not let Jim enter the temple. Learn that Floyd is jealous of Jim and his crew. Floyd wants a cut of the crew's treasure.
  • Gunpowder Ben – Speak to Gunpowder Ben sitting at the bottom of the temple stairs. Learn the various human weaknesses of Floyd, Skinner and Digger. When the opportunity arises, pickpocket Ben to get a gold statue. This chance to pickpocket may not present itself till later. Speak to Ben a second time to initiate this opportunity after speaking to the other people.
  • Digger – Speak to Digger and learn that Jim owes him 100 gold. Also, Digger's rum “business” appears to have flourished and he now sells rum for 50 gold. After speaking to Digger, speak to the three warriors and then Floyd (again). Speaking really means pickpocketing them for a combined gold of more than 150. This will be enough to make peace with Digger (100 gold), and then buying some rum (50 gold).
  • Skinner – Skinner is angry with Jim for conning him on various occasions. Jim will have to get Skinner's loot, but Skinner already knows Jim's tricks and is immune to his pickpocketing. That is, until Jim buys some rum from Digger and uses it to distract Skinner. Pickpocket Skinner for his loot. During the first conversation with Skinner, the nameless hero will learn of Jim's treasure.

Finally return to Floyd and give him the three portions of the crew's loot. Floyd will allow Jim to enter the temple. Head further into the temple to witness a heated conversation between Bakir and Crow. Interrupt the conversation, speak to Bakir, distract him and pick a hair from Bakir.

Risen 2 How to Get Jim's Treasure Map

When Jim returns to the village, find Jim and note that there is a chest next to where Jim normally sleeps or stands. The chest contains Jim's Treasure Map. To get the treasure map, the hero must be able to pick locks with a skill of 20. This lock picking skill is obtained by learning from cunning teachers. Luckily, Jim is the cunning skills teacher at the sword coast. With a cunning attribute of 4 and gold of 1000, speak to Jim and learn the art of lock picking. Now go pick Jim's chest and get his treasure map. Fast travel is now possible along the Sword Coast. Note that the map of the Sword Coast (and fast travel) can also be obtained from the Commandant's office in Puerto Isabella.

Highlight Jim's treasure as the main quest on the map. Go to the pirates' tower and then travel towards the X that marks Jim's treasure. Defeat the alligator and then dig out Jim's treasure. Congratulations!

Risen 2 Jim's Treasure Map

Risen 2 Jim's Treasure Map - it is also a map of the sword coast and allows fast travel
Risen 2 Jim's Treasure Map - it is also a map of the sword coast and allows fast travel


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