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Skyrim Get the Rueful Axe

Updated on December 12, 2011

Skyrim The Rueful Axe

In Skyrim, the hero may want to get the Rueful Axe if he primarily uses a double handed weapon. The Rueful Axe may be the exotic two handed weapon of choice. This will guide the hero in finding the dog Barbas outside Falkreath, and then following the dog into Haemar's Cavern and Haemar's Shame to speak to the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile and then eliminating the mage Sebastian Lort in Rimerock Burrow to finally get the rueful axe, or get a canine companion.

Skyrim Find the Dog Barbas

In Skyrim, the Daedra's Best Friend quest is started by speaking to Lod (blacksmith in Falkreath). He wants the hero to find Barbas the dog which has been seen wandering around Falkreath. The dog is easily found along one of the paths around Falkreath by following the compass. Much to the hero's surprise, the dog talks! The dog Barbas wants the hero to follow him to Haemar's Cavern to convince his best friend the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile to take him back. And so the journey with a canine companion begins......

In Skyrim, Barbas is actually quite a good tank. Within the Haemar's Cavern (east of Helgen) are plentiful vampires. With Barbas as the tank and distracting the vampires, the hero can sneak attack the vampires and make the Haemar's Cavern dungeon crawl easier. This is especially so for the final fight before the statue of Clavicus Vile, where the hero is faced with vampire mistwalkers and the master vampire. Defeat all the vampires, and speak to Clavicus Vile. Clavicus Vile makes a pact with the hero - find the Rueful Axe and he will grant the hero power.

Skyrim Find the Rueful Axe

In Skyrim, the hero must find the Rueful Axe. This Axe is found in the Rimerock Burrow. The location of the Rueful Axe is most easily reached by finding the Deepwood Redoubt, and going northwest until Rimerock Burrow is reached. Once within Rimerock Burrow, the journey is really straightforward. With Barbas the canine companion by your side, the hero should be mostly invincible most of the journey to Rimerock Burrow and within Rimerock Burrow.

In Skyrim Rimerock Burrow, the most difficult part of the Rimerock Burrow area is trying o defeat Sebastian Lort the mage. This takes place in the final cave of Rimerock Burrow. The mage Sebastian Lort usually has a flame atronach standing by the entrance of the final cavern of Rimerock Burrow. Unleash Barbas to distract the flame atronach. The fight will draw Sebastian Lort down from the upper levels of the final cavern of Rimerock Burrow. Go into sneak mode and go up the ramp and wait Sebastian Lort to come down. Sneak attack Sebastian Lort as he comes down. With a suitably powerful dagger and the appropriate backstab multiplier, Sebastian Lort can be taken down and no chance of attacking. Now the flame atronach will continue attacking Barbas. Dive into the fight using dual destruction magic or sneak attack, and the flame atronach will also be defeated. Now find and retrieve the Rueful Axe.

Skyrim Masque of Clavicus Vile

Skyrim Masque of Clavius Vile, the Rueful Axe, or a Canine Companion called Barbas. Decisions, decisions........
Skyrim Masque of Clavius Vile, the Rueful Axe, or a Canine Companion called Barbas. Decisions, decisions........

Skyrim Keep the Rueful Axe or the Dog

In Skyrim, the hero may want to return to Clavicus Vile at Haemar's Shame to negotiate whether to keep the Rueful Axe or not. The hero has about three options at this stage:

  • Return to Clavicus Vile and declare you wish to return the axe and spare Barbas. Barbas will not be able to follow the hero as a canine companion. The hero gets the masque of Clavicus Vile.
  • Return to Clavicus Vile and declare you wish for more power; put down Barbas, and keep the Rueful Axe.
  • Do not return to talk to Clavicus Vile, allowing you to keep the Rueful Axe and use Barbas as a canine companion.


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