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Skyrim Skuldafn Guide

Updated on January 21, 2012

Skyrim Skuldafn Guide

In Skyrim, the hero must reach Skuldafn to find the portal to Sovngarde. From the landing site at Skuldafn, the hero must make his way through two gold dragons and lots of draugrs (and especially draugr wights) through the Skuldafn compound and Skuldafn outer perimeter to the Skuldafn southern tower and finally find the entrance to Skuldafn Temple. This will guide the hero in the tactics to defeat the two gold dragons and the draugr wights at Skuldafn, so the hero can make it alive through Skuldafn to the temple.

Skyrim Skuldafn Defeating the Gold Dragons

In Skyrim, the dragon Odahviing drops the hero off at the Skuldafn landing site. As soon as Odahviing flies off, the hero is attacked by the first gold dragon. This fight may be the first proper fight where the hero is high level enough to take on the gold dragon solo. The fight against the gold dragons at Skuldafn is challenging and entertaining.

The first gold dragon at Skuldafn will surprise the gamer. Be prepared and move away from the dragon as soon as it appears and avoid the fire breath. The gold dragon loves to fly a bit and land a lot on the ground. When the gold dragon is on the ground, take the opportunity and launch the hero's favorite attacks against the gold dragon. For this particular hero, it is the dual casting of destruction magic chain lightning and fireball. Attacking from a distance is recommended as the dragon's attacks are deadly at close quarters. If the hero is getting low on health, just run to the bridge off the landing site at Skuldafn or jump into the water and double back to the gold dragon. Note that the hero can use sneak bow attack from the bridge to finish off the gold dragon. The hero has to get rid of all the draugrs at or near bridge first before launching the sneak bow attack.

Once the first gold dragon is defeated, proceed past the bridge and encounter the second gold dragon. For some reason, the second gold dragon is much easier to defeat than the first. Simply run from the dragon, and then launch those destructive spells from a distance. When the dragon gets near, just run away again and repeat the above process.

Skyrim Defeating the Skuldafn Gold Dragon

Skyrim Skuldafn Draugr Wights

In Skyrim, after defeating the Skuldafn gold dragons, the hero proceeds further through the Skuldafn compound and outer perimeter and encounters lots of draugr. The draugr wights are especially frustrating to face solo, as they have lots of health points and can hit two handed for lots of damage. Do not engage too many draugr wights at once. At most do two at once.If there are too many draugrs, just run back until there is some separation between the draugrs.

Now if the hero has the Shout Slow Time: Time, Sand and Eternity and the destruction magic spells chain lightning and fireball at destruction level of at least 50, then the draugr wights are fairly easy to dispatch. Launch the Slow Time Shout, and watch time slow down. Then launch dual chain lightning and fireball two or three times, and the draugr wights will be defeated from a distance away before they can retaliate.

Skyrim Skuldafn Guide - Defeating the Draugrs

Skyrim Skuldafn Guide - Defeating the Draugrs Using the Shout Time, Slow Time and then Dual Destruction Magic
Skyrim Skuldafn Guide - Defeating the Draugrs Using the Shout Time, Slow Time and then Dual Destruction Magic

Skyrim Skuldafn Landing Site to Entrance to Skuldafn Temple

In Skyrim, the hero must travel from the skuldafn landing site to the entrance to Skuldafn temple. The route is described briefly here. From the Skuldafn landing site, head past the bridge and then right through a compound. Directly ahead will be the Skuldafn southern towers. The hero can head inside and eliminate all the draugrs there. Or simply, just turn left before the Skuldafn southern towers and head up the huge flight of stairs. The turn left at the very end of the Skuldafn compound past the stairs, and head through the corridors underneath the walls of the Skuldafn outer perimeter and finally up the stairs to the entrance to Skuldafn Temple.

Skyrim Finishing Stages of Main Quest


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