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SWTOR the Krayt Gang

Updated on January 1, 2012

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Trainer Location on Nar Shaddaa

SWTOR Location of Sith Inquisitor Trainer on Nar Shaddaa
SWTOR Location of Sith Inquisitor Trainer on Nar Shaddaa

SWTOR the Krayt Gang Quest

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor arrives in Nar Shaddaa, where he learns the third Tulak Hord artifact is in the hands of Paladius, leader of a cult in Nar Shaddaa. The sith inquisitor "befriends" Destris Veran and Rylee Dray, who suggest the sith inquisitor take out the Krayt Gang and the Krayt Gang leader Saben and stake a reputation for himself on Nar Shaddaa. This will guide the sith inquisitor in defeating Saben and his bodyguards and becoming a force on Nar Shaddaa.

SWTOR Location of Sith Inquisitor Trainer in Lower Promenade on Nar Shaddaa

In SWTOR Nar Shaddaa, before leaving to infiltrate the Krayt Gang's hideout, it is essential for the sith inquisitor to be at least level 21 and to have visited the sith inquisitor trainer on Nar Shaddaa. The sith inquisitor trainer on Nar Shaddaa is located in the lower Promenade area. First take a taxi to the Promenade area. Next locate the entrance to the lower Promenade and find the giant statue of the Hutt. When facing the giant statue, turn and head northwest and the sith inquisitor will find the sith inquisitor trainer on Nar Shaddaa. The SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Promenade is also an important area for vendors selling goods to upgrade the sith inquisitor's skills and abilities. These are all important for the sith inquisitor to easily defeat Saben and his bodyguards.

SWTOR Infiltrating Krayt Gang's Hideout

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must head to the Corellion Sector of Nar Shaddaa via taxi from the Promenade. Within the Corellian Sector, if the sith inquisitor is a sith assassin, go into stealth mode and one can sneak through most of the Corellian Sector and head straight for Saben. Unfortunately, there are Hutt Probe Droids here which will attempt to detect the sith assassin in sneak mode. Once exposed, the sith assassin and his companion (likely Khem Val) will have to face many Krayt thugs. The most dangerous one has to be the Krayt enforcer. The way to deal with the Krayt Gang thugs is to use mind trap to negate one of the Krayt Gang thugs, and then whirlwind to distract another. Concentrate damaging attacks on the strongest Krayt Gang member (likely to the Krayt enforcer). Finish him and then round up the rest of the Krayt Gang members.

SWTOR Defeating Saben and Saben's Bodyguards

In SWTOR Krayt Gang quest, use the compass and map to pinpoint the location of the sith inquisitor phase area, where the sith inquisitor must then enter to face Saben and his bodyguards. Because this is a sith inquisitor class phase area only, enemies do not respawn. At level 21, the sith inquisitor may find having to deal with Saben and his bodyguards too overwhelming. However, if the sith inquisitor and his companion deal with Saben's bodyguards first, then the odds will be evened out eventually. Even if the sith inquisitor perishes, he can respawn with one less Saben bodyguard, and then with no Saben bodyguard at all.

In SWTOR Krayt Gang Quest, the final task is to defeat Saben himself. To do this effectively, make sure the sith assassin is at least level 21 and has gone to the sith inquisitor trainer on Nar Shaddaa to obtain all abilities. Bring along some medpacs for the fight against Saben. Use Khem Val to tank the sith assassin, and then maul backstab Saben from behind. Use Lightning Charge (rather than Dark Charge) if possible to deal more damage. Remember to use "Channel the Force", and also stunning and interrupt moves such as Electrocute and Jolt. Using these techniques, Saben will be defeated.

With Saben defeated, Rylee Dray will contact the sith inquisitor about the establishment of Strell House - the sith inquisitor's operational base on Nar Shaddaa. Next, attempting to infiltrate the Screaming Blade Cult and then defeating Paladius.


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