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SWTOR Defeat All Risen Kaleesh

Updated on February 18, 2012

SWTOR Defeat All Risen Kaleesh

In SWTOR Fallen Dreadnought quest, the sith inquisitor finally obtains the location of the Starrunner from Horak-Mul after opening the temple door and desecrating the ancient sith assassin temple. The sith inquisitor must now travel to the starship graveyard (use the map) and look for the starrunner in the belly of the dreadnought that crashed down onto Hoth. Within this dreadnought, the sith inquisitor must defeat a number of Kaleesh, and then defeat more Kaleesh that have risen up from the ground, apparently summoned by the apparition of Horak-Mul. This will guide the sith assassin in using the correct tactics in defeating the all risen Kaleesh and then absorbing the spirit of Horak-Mul,

SWTOR All Risen Kaleesh

SWTOR All Risen Kaleesh
SWTOR All Risen Kaleesh

SWTOR Absorbing the Spirit of Horak-Mul Forcibly

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor has the option of releasing Horak-Mul's spirit after finishing his universe-conquering stuff, or he can take the apparition of Horak-Mul forcibly. For a more exciting finish and to accumulate more dark side points, choose the latter, and Horak-Mul will retaliate, summoning five Kaleesh warriors to attack the sith inquisitor. Because of the surprise attacks of the Kaleesh warriors, the sith inquisitor and his companion may be defeated fairly quickly. To counter this, the sith assassin can quickly go into force cloak as soon as the Kaleesh warriors appear, and then go far away from the Kaleesh warriors.

In SWTOR after locating and speaking to Horak-mul, the sith assassin must go into stealth mode and run away from the Kaleesh warriors. Next, from his stealth position, study the Kaleesh warriors and learn to one's relief that only one of the Kaleesh warriors, namely the Kaleesh Eliminator, has more than 5000 health points. The Kaleesh Eliminator is the one to mind trap. This battle is additionally difficult because of the lack of the sith inquisitor healing companion. Use the sith inquisitor other companion to tank the other weaker Kaleesh warriors and employ the usual sequence of electrocute, tumult, low slash and crushing darkness or assassinate to finish off the weaker Kaleesh warriors as soon as possible. If needed when the sith inquisitor health is low, use a medpak to heal or force cloak to retreat from the battle again and regroup. When the weaker Kaleesh warriors are finished, the lone Kaleesh Eliminator should not be much trouble for the sith assassin and his companion.

Now forcibly absorb the spirit of Horak-Mul. The sith inquisitor should now feel powerful enough to confront and challenge Darth Thanaton in his own meditation chamber on Dromond Kaas.


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