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SWTOR Defeating Darth Skotia

Updated on December 21, 2011

SWTOR Defeating Darth Skotia

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must defeat Darth Skotia in order to advance further in the sith inquisitor class story. Darth Skotia is a cyborg dark lord of the sith, and is formidable indeed. Hence this mission is aptly named Giant Killer. This will guide the sith inquisitor in getting the cyber neutralizer from Dorotsech in Lord Grathan's estate and then using it to defeat Darth Skotia.

SWTOR Get the Cyber Neutralizer from Lord Grathan's Estate

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must now weaken Darth Skotia's personal defenses, now that his outer defenses have been compromised. The sith inquisitor must get the cyber neutralizer from Lord Grathan's Estate. Lord Grathan's Estate is located in the southern end of Dromund Kaas, and is easily found. To get into Lord Grathan's Estate is harder, as it is guarded by lots of mobs all the way to the entrance to the scientist Dorotsech's prison. As the sith assassin, it is quite easy to sneak your way through this part of the Giant Killer mission. Dorotsech will say that the cyber neutralizer needs power cells to activate. The sith inquisitor is faced with choices at this point - eliminate Dorotsech for dark side points (needed to ascend the dark side of the force ladder and wield better lightsabers) or spare him to get some item reward.

In SWTOR Lord Grathan's Estate, the sith inquisitor must now hunt Grathan's droids to get the power cells (three needed). To get the power cells, follow the compass and look for Grathan's droids outside Dorotsech's prison. Defeat three droids, obtain three power cells, and then head into the central compound of Lord Grathan's Estate to retrieve the cyber neutralizer. Disabling the electrical field and getting the cyber neutralizer will trigger the release of a large security droid. Defeat this, and get the cyber neutralizer. Use quick travel to return to the Sith Sanctum, and prepare to do battle with Darth Skotia.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat Darth Skotia

In SWTOR, the recommended level for defeating Darth Skotia is 14. The sith inquisitor can attempt to defeat Darth Skotia at level 13 or below by recruiting a friend to help you (need to change social preference function to do this). Otherwise, soloing Darth Skotia at level 13 and below is hard and not recommended. There are lots of heroic and solo side quests in Dromund Kaas in which to level the sith inquisitor to level 14 fast and efficiently, and there are many items and Dromund Kaas commendations which can be obtained through these side quests.

At level 14 and being a sith assassin, defeating Darth Skotia is fun and the sith assassin can use a variety of tactics. When entering the room to face Darth Skotia, he will be "guarded" by two Trandoshan bodyguards. Flash the Trandoshan relic in front of the Trandoshan bodyguards, and then command them to switch allegiance and attack Darth Skotia. And then watch predictably as these Trandoshan are tossed around like canned fish food.

Now it's the sith assassin's turn to attack Darth Skotia. Command Khem Val the companion to tank the sith assassin when fighting Darth Skotia. Note that the sith inquisitor should equip the cyber neutralizer in one of the quick buttons area. Now release the power of the cyber neutralizer and Darth Skotia will be caught in its area effect and will be stunned for a few seconds. Go to the back of Darth Skotia and repeatedly maul backstab Darth Skotia. Occasionally, use slash to build more force power and then release the force power by backstabbing Darth Skotia again. For greater variety of offense, the sith assassin may want to use dark lightning charge on the double-bladed lightsaber to absorb health from Darth Skotia. Using these techniques, Darth Skotia will be defeated.

Next up, the promotion of Lord Zash and getting the Sith Inquisitor's first spaceship.


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