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SWTOR Balmorra Arms Factory

Updated on December 22, 2012

SWTOR Balmorra Arms Factory

In SWTOR, the balmorra arms factory is found at the northeastern part of the initial Balmorra map. The Balmorra Arms Factory is the site of the swtor repelling invasion quest, the swtor breaking the resistance quest and the into the pit main quest. The Balmorran Arms Factory also creates an opportunity for the Empire faction hero to romance a female character or NPC (Darth Lachris) in the swtor repelling invasion quest. This will guide the hero through the exciting gameplay and romance action in the repelling invasion quest and the breaking the resistance quest in the swtor balmorran arms factory.

SWTOR Empire Faction Romance in Repelling Invasion Quest

In SWTOR, the hero gets the repelling resistance quest from Darth Lachris in the Sundari Imperial Outpost. From the Sundari Imperial Outpost taxi stand, find the lift to bring the hero down to the lower imperial bunker. Enter and find another lift that will bring the hero up to Darth Lachris's command center. Here Darth Lachris will instruct the hero to enter the SWTOR Balmorran Arms Factory and disable the defenses of the Balmorran Arms Factory by destroying the powered down droids and the security cameras in the Balmorra Arms Factory. It is quite possible to do this particular part of the repelling invasion quest by sneaking through the area using the sith assassin. Once the powered down droids and the security cameras consoles have been destroyed, the hero must head out of the Balmorra Arms Factory to disable more security consoles and destroy three shuttles in the grounds north of the Balmorra Arms Factory. Once this is done, the hero must find the Grand Marshall Cheketta, the jedi knight Ralon Nys and his jedi padawan (use the map to help the hero).

In SWTOR repelling invasion quest, the hero must defeat the jedi knight Ralon Nys and his jedi padawan. As this is an enclosed story area (enclosed by the green shielding), if the hero is too low level to defeat Ralon Nys, his jedi padawan and Grand Marshall Cheketta all at once, then defeat them one at a time, as enemies will not respawn. Again the sith assassin can sneak past all the guards leading to these three enemies. It is suggested that the hero concentrates on the jedi padawan first, and then Ralon Nys and finally Cheketta. If using the sith assassin, all the hero has to do is to use Khem Val as a tank and then backstab repeatedly from behind.

In SWTOR repelling invasion quest, to fully satisfy the requirements of the quest, the hero must defeat Cheketta and then make him confess the Republic's involvement in the Balmorran Arms issue. So choose the most appropriate conservation options to make this happen. Next return to Darth Lachris and report the success of the repelling invasion quest. Flirt with her as much as possible, and the romance between the hero and Darth Lachris will start.

SWTOR Breaking Resistance Quest

In SWTOR, get the breaking resistance quest from Colonel Vrain in the same lower Sundari imperial bunker as described above. Next head into the Balmoraan Arms Factory and shut down the power generator. Follow this up with destroying the primary and secondarily security hub. This will trigger the appearance of Vol Argen. To defeat Vol Argen at a low level without dying at least once is highly improbable. Concentrate on Vol Argen's bodyguards, and allow Vol Argen to hit at the hero's companion. The hero and the companion may be defeated by Vol Argen but make sure that all the bodyguards are defeated first. Now revive oneself with the medical probe and then direct all attacks at Vol Argen after healing up. Vol Argen will be defeated. Report to Colonel Vrain and then Captain Rigel for a successful Breaking Resistance Quest and receive your rewards.

SWTOR Romance with Darth Lachris continues on Balmorra......


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