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XCOM Enemy Unknown Capture Alien

Updated on February 8, 2014

XCOM Enemy Unknown Capture Outsider Alien

XCOM Enemy Unknown Capture Outsider Alien
XCOM Enemy Unknown Capture Outsider Alien

XCOM Enemy Unknown Alien Capture

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the XCOM team must get to know their enemies – the aliens. To do this, the squad must capture some aliens. This can be any random alien from a mission initially. After the XCOM scientist deciphers the brain pattern of this alien, this will determine the next alien (the outsider alien) that the squad must capture. This will guide the squad on how to capture the first alien and then capture the outsider alien in the missions provided in the XCOM game.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Capture the Alien in the Shanghai Mission

As the aliens attack Earth, chaos spreads across the globe. The aliens land in Shanghai and attempt to abduct and massacre more civilians. The squad must prevent this from happening, and capture a live alien at the same time. For this main mission to activate, the xcom team must have the alien containment unit and the arc thrower.

Now, use the squad members wisely when they land in Shanghai. This part of the mission will be dark and creepy, with floater enemies turning up at unpredictable locations. Therefore, move one soldier and then use the other to overwatch the moving soldier. If floaters are congregated in one spot and there will be at least one floater left, use rocket launchers to eliminate the enemies. Keep at least one floater alive for capture.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Capture the Outside Alien at the UFO Crash Site

After the first alien is captured and interrogated, it will give out details of the outsider alien. This alien needs to be captured. Scan for UFO activity and the xcom satellite will pick out a UFO. Send an interceptor to intercept the UFO. It will be shot down. The squad is sent in to “investigate” the crash site.

The thin men are vicious dopplerdangers who try to assume human form, but fail due to their large alien like eyes. However, they are deadly in combat, being able to move quickly from one position to another, and spit out poison. Even when they die, they will explode to leave a poisonous mist. If the xcom team does not need more of these aliens, simply annihilate them using the shredder rockets. Leave too many of the thin men alive and they will poison the squad, spreading panic within the squad members.

Once the aliens outside the UFO are defeated, move on the enemies within the UFO. Use the “one runs and the other overwatch” tactics. Arm one of the squad members with the arc thrower. When he or she is close enough to the outsider alien, unleash a electricity stun attack. Capture the outsider alien and return to base.

From the outsider alien, the xcom team learns of the skeleton key and the alien base. It’s time to launch an assault, that is, when the xcom team and squad are powerful enough.


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