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YuGiOh - Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

Updated on April 14, 2012

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - The First English Booster

Where it all began - at least in English anyway, Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon was the first ever YuGiOh! Booster. March 8th, 2002 was the day Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon hit the shelves in the US. The European English Edition soon followed, with a slightly different set of cards under the same name (Identical releases in Europe and the US were still a while away).

The card list was drawn from two earlier Japanese sets: the identically named Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon (first released 18th May 2000) and Phantom God (released 10th August 2000). Geeks will of course know that these two Japanese sets were themselves comprised of re-released cards from the early series 1 un-named booster packs. Many of the cards had also been featured in the original Japanese Starter Box. Sought after cards in the set included Dark Magician, the five pieces of Exodia, and (of course), Blue Eyes White Dragon itself. LOBEWD was followed up by the release of Metal Raiders.

This page celebrates the iconic Yugioh release of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon. You'll find card lists (Japanese and US English), videos, card profiles and much, much more. Also, you can join us in celebrating some of the most notable cards from the set, in both card and anime form. Enjoy! Make sure to vote for your favourite card from the set in our readers poll below and say 'hello' on our guestbook below.

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - US English Edition
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - US English Edition

US English Card List for Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

Here we go then - take a deep breath - here comes the US English card list. (Note as stated above, there were fewer cards in the European English Edition)

LOB-000 Tri-Horned Dragon

LOB-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

LOB-002 Hitotsu-Me Giant

LOB-003 Flame Swordsman

LOB-004 Skull Servant

LOB-005 Dark Magician

LOB-006 Gaia The Fierce Knight

LOB-007 Celtic Guardian

LOB-008 Basic Insect

LOB-009 Mammoth Graveyard

LOB-010 Silver Fang

LOB-011 Dark Gray

LOB-012 Trial of Hell (1st Edition)

LOB-012 Trial of Nightmare (Unlimited Edition)

LOB-013 Nemuriko Common

LOB-014 The 13th Grave

LOB-015 Charubin the Fire Knight

LOB-016 Flame Manipulator

LOB-017 Monster Egg

LOB-018 Firegrass

LOB-019 Darkfire Dragon

LOB-020 Dark King of the Abyss

LOB-021 Fiend Reflection #2

LOB-022 Fusionist

LOB-023 Turtle Tiger

LOB-024 Petit Dragon

LOB-025 Petit Angel

LOB-026 Hinotama Soul

LOB-027 Aqua Madoor

LOB-028 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame

LOB-029 Flame Ghost

LOB-030 Two-Mouth Darkruler

LOB-031 Dissolverock

LOB-032 Root Water

LOB-033 The Furious Sea King

LOB-034 Green Phantom King

LOB-035 Ray & Temperature

LOB-036 King Fog

LOB-037 Mystical Sheep #2

LOB-038 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman

LOB-039 Kurama

LOB-040 Legendary Sword

LOB-041 Beast Fangs

LOB-042 Violet Crystal

LOB-043 Book of Secret Arts

LOB-044 Power of Kaishin

LOB-045 Dragon Capture Jar

LOB-046 Forest

LOB-047 Wasteland

LOB-048 Mountain

LOB-049 Sogen

LOB-050 Umi

LOB-051 Yami

LOB-052 Dark Hole

LOB-053 Raigeki

LOB-054 Red Medicine

LOB-055 Sparks

LOB-056 Hinotama

LOB-057 Fissure

LOB-058 Trap Hole

LOB-059 Polymerization

LOB-060 Remove Trap

LOB-061 Two-Pronged Attack

LOB-062 Mystical Elf

LOB-063 Tyhone

LOB-064 Beaver Warrior

LOB-065 Gravedigger Ghoul

LOB-066 Curse of Dragon

LOB-067 Karbonala Warrior

LOB-068 Giant Soldier of Stone

LOB-069 Uraby

LOB-070 Red-Eyes B. Dragon

LOB-071 Reaper of the Cards

LOB-072 Witty Phantom

LOB-073 Larvas

LOB-074 Hard Armor

LOB-075 Man Eater

LOB-076 M-Warrior #1

LOB-077 M-Warrior #2

LOB-078 Spirit of the Harp

LOB-079 Armaill

LOB-080 Terra the Terrible

LOB-081 Frenzied Panda

LOB-082 Kumootoko

LOB-083 Meda Bat

LOB-084 Enchanting Mermaid

LOB-085 Fireyarou

LOB-086 Dragoness the Wicked Knight

LOB-087 One-Eyed Shield Dragon

LOB-088 Dark Energy

LOB-089 Laser Cannon Armor

LOB-090 Vile Germs

LOB-091 Silver Bow and Arrow

LOB-092 Dragon Treasure

LOB-093 Electro-Whip

LOB-094 Mystical Moon

LOB-095 Stop Defense

LOB-096 Machine Conversion Factory

LOB-097 Raise Body Heat

LOB-098 Follow Wind

LOB-099 Goblin's Secret Remedy

LOB-100 Final Flame

LOB-101 Swords of Revealing Light

LOB-102 Metal Dragon

LOB-103 Spike Seadra

LOB-104 Tripwire Beast

LOB-105 Skull Red Bird

LOB-106 Armed Ninja

LOB-107 Flower Wolf

LOB-108 Man-Eater Bug

LOB-109 Sandstone

LOB-110 Hane-Hane

LOB-111 Misairuzame

LOB-112 Steel Ogre Grotto #1

LOB-113 Lesser Dragon

LOB-114 Darkworld Thorns

LOB-115 Drooling Lizard

LOB-116 Armored Starfish

LOB-117 Succubus Knight

LOB-118 Monster Reborn

LOB-119 Pot of Greed

LOB-120 Right Leg of the Forbidden One

LOB-121 Left Leg of the Forbidden One

LOB-122 Right Arm of the Forbidden One

LOB-123 Left Arm of the Forbidden One

LOB-124 Exodia the Forbidden One

LOB-125 Gaia the Dragon Champion

At BSTS, unfortunately we don't have the English booster in stock anymore, but if you're ever lucky enough to be in our store for a game, we have many of the single cards for sale. We also still have the Japanese Edition (see below) in stock on our website.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Featured Card: Blue Eyes White Dragon

Not just where the card game got going, but right back to the first episode of the anime too - featured card number 1 is Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Card Text: This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale.

It's been in a few other sets since, but this was number one baby - LOB-001!

Ole' Blue Eyes is Back!

A video tribute to Blue Eyes White Dragon. Loads of cool stuff for your viewing pleasure - some subbed, some dubbed, all cool. Enjoy!

Get your hands on old school YuGiOh...

Live in The States? Check out these great pieces of Yu-Gi-Oh history...

Dark Magician
Dark Magician

Featured Card - Dark Magician

The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense ;) OK, maybe not nowadays, but Dark Magician has a place in the hearts of every Yu-Gi-Oh! fan as Yugi's signature monster card in the anime and manga.

Released several times since, its first English outing was as LOB-004 in Legends of Blue Eyes White Dragon.

A Little Dark Magic....

Celebrating Dark Magician's appearances. Enjoy!

Exodia The Forbidden One
Exodia The Forbidden One

Featured Card - Exodia The Forbidden One

Along with it's four limbs, this was the card every kid in the playground wanted. Originally released in Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon as LOB-124. Okay, so Exodia doesn't find its way into many competitive decks nowadays, but nonetheless, special memories...

Card Text: When you have "Right Leg of the Forbidden One", "Left Leg of the Forbidden One", "Right Arm of the Forbidden One", and "Left Arm of the Forbidden One", in addition to this card in your hand, you win the Duel.

Exodia Celebrated

Check out Exodia, in our video selection...

Who's Your Favourite?

Your chance to vote in our brand new Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon poll. It's just for fun - you don't need to register or give any details to vote, just click away...

My favourite card in Legends of Blue Eyes White Dragon is...

See results
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Japanese Edition
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Japanese Edition

Japanese Card List for Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

The Japanese edition of LOBEWD was a 60 card set and contained reprinted cards from the early un-named booster packs. Here's the list...

LB-00 Celtic Guardian

LB-01 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

LB-02 Hitotsu-Me Giant

LB-03 Flame Swordsman

LB-04 Skull Servant

LB-05 Dark Magician

LB-06 Gaia the Fierce Knight

LB-07 Basic Insect

LB-08 Mammoth Graveyard

LB-09 Silver Fang

LB-10 Dark Gray

LB-11 Trial of Nightmare

LB-12 Nemuriko

LB-13 The 13th Grave

LB-14 Charubin the Fire Knight

LB-15 Flame Manipulator

LB-16 Monster Egg

LB-17 Firegrass

LB-18 Darkfire Dragon

LB-19 Dark King of the Abyss

LB-20 Fiend Reflection #2

LB-21 Fusionist

LB-22 Turtle Tiger

LB-23 Petit Dragon

LB-24 Petit Angel

LB-25 Hinotama Soul

LB-26 Aqua Madoor

LB-27 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame

LB-28 Flame Ghost

LB-29 Two-Mouth Darkruler

LB-30 Dissolverock

LB-31 Root Water

LB-32 The Furious Sea King

LB-33 Green Phantom King

LB-34 Ray & Temperature

LB-35 King Fog

LB-36 Mystical Sheep #2

LB-37 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman

LB-38 Kurama

LB-39 Legendary Sword

LB-40 Beast Fangs

LB-41 Violet Crystal

LB-42 Book of Secret Arts

LB-43 Power of Kaishin

LB-44 Dragon Capture Jar

LB-45 Forest

LB-46 Wasteland

LB-47 Mountain

LB-48 Sogen

LB-49 Umi

LB-50 Yami

LB-51 Dark Hole

LB-52 Raigeki

LB-53 Red Medicine

LB-54 Sparks

LB-55 Hinotama

LB-56 Fissure

LB-57 Trap Hole

LB-58 Polymerization

LB-59 Remove Trap

LB-60 Two-Pronged Attack

If you live in the United Kingdom, you're in luck. BSTS is one of the very few places in the Western world that still has the Japanese Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon in stock. Visit our Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards page, here.

Buy Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

Want some? Here's what's going on eBay right now...

Old school players - what's your favourite memories of the booster coming out? New players - have you collected any of the cards since? What's your favourite card in the set? These and many other questions, we'd love you to answer - or just say 'hi!' - that's cool too.

Comments are approved first and normally appear within 24 hours. You don't need to register or give any details to comment - everyone's welcome.

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