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YuGiOh - Phantom God

Updated on January 8, 2011

The Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh Booster - Phantom God

In the west, we had the release of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, however in Japan it was a little more complicated. The Western TCG release of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon was actually made up (mostly) of cards from two Japanese releases, LOBEWD and Phantom God.

In Japan, Phantom God was the follow up to LOBEWD and was follwed by Revival of Black Demon's Dragon.

Phantom God was a sixty-five card set of reprints from the very early un-named booster packs, mostly containing cards that we in the West know from LOBEWD, most notably the five pieces of Exodia, but also with fan-favourites like Mystical Elf and Red Eyes B. Dragon. It was released in Japan on 10th August 2000. This page is a tribute to, and resource for, the Phantom God booster, containing the card spoiler list, videos and much, much more. If you're a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, make sure to vote for your favourite card in our poll below, and say 'hello' on our guestbook while you're here. Enjoy!

Mystical Elf (in English)
Mystical Elf (in English)

YuGiOh! Phantom God Card List / Spoiler

Piled with familiar and famous names from the world of YuGiOh!, here's the full 65 card list for Phantom God:

PG-01 Mystical Elf

PG-02 Tyhone

PG-03 Beaver Warrior

PG-04 Gaia the Dragon Champion

PG-05 Curse of Dragon

PG-06 Karbonala Warrior

PG-07 Giant Soldier of Stone

PG-08 Uraby

PG-09 Red-Eyes B. Dragon

PG-10 Reaper of the Cards

PG-11 Witty Phantom

PG-12 Larvas

PG-13 Hard Armor

PG-14 Man Eater

PG-15 M-Warrior #1

PG-16 M-Warrior #2

PG-17 Spirit of the Harp

PG-18 Armaill

PG-19 Terra the Terrible

PG-20 Frenzied Panda

PG-21 Kumootoko

PG-22 Meda Bat

PG-23 Enchanting Mermaid

PG-24 Fireyarou

PG-25 Dragoness the Wicked Knight

PG-26 One-Eyed Shield Dragon

PG-27 Dark Energy

PG-28 Laser Cannon Armor

PG-29 Vile Germs

PG-30 Silver Bow and Arrow

PG-31 Dragon Treasure

PG-32 Electro-Whip

PG-33 Mystical Moon

PG-34 Stop Defense

PG-35 Machine Conversion Factory

PG-36 Raise Body Heat

PG-37 Follow Wind

PG-38 Goblin's Secret Remedy

PG-39 Final Flame

PG-40 Swords of Revealing Light

PG-41 Metal Dragon

PG-42 Spike Seadra

PG-43 Tripwire Beast

PG-44 Skull Red Bird

PG-45 Armed Ninja

PG-46 Flower Wolf

PG-47 Man-Eater Bug

PG-48 Sand Stone

PG-49 Hane-Hane

PG-50 Misairuzame

PG-51 Steel Ogre Grotto #1

PG-52 Lesser Dragon

PG-53 Darkworld Thorns

PG-54 Drooling Lizard

PG-55 Armored Starfish

PG-56 Succubus Knight

PG-57 De-Spell

PG-58 Monster Reborn

PG-59 Pot of Greed

PG-60 Gravedigger Ghoul

PG-61 Right Leg of the Forbidden One

PG-62 Left Leg of the Forbidden One

PG-63 Right Arm of the Forbidden One

PG-64 Left Arm of the Forbidden One

PG-65 Exodia the Forbidden One

Celebrating Exodia in Video

Those magic Exodia moments, for your viewing pleasure...

Vote For Your Favourite

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Yu-Gi-Oh! at Bus Stop Toy Shop
Yu-Gi-Oh! at Bus Stop Toy Shop

Who are BSTS?

BSTS is a toy and hobby shop, based in the West Coast of the UK, and have been your guide to the Phantom God booster today. Thanks for dropping by!

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... for US customers. Enjoy!

Which is the greatest card in this booster? Do you own any of the Japanese cards in this set? Do you still use any of these cards in your deck today? These and many more questions, we'd love to know the answer to. Or just say 'hi' - that's cool too.

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