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My Wife's Perfect Weight Loss Diet Part 2: The Exclusive Interview on How She Lost Over Forty Pounds

Updated on September 9, 2009
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Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

Remember my wife's perfect weight loss diet. I ran with the important components, the vegetables and the water. I had some health concerns that this second hub on the Vegetable Diet will explain. You will recall that she shared the information with me when we were both tired and lacking sleep, and rushing to the airport.

Vital details were omitted the last time. You know, some important pieces of food on your plate like starch and protein. Yes, you eat your starch and protein, but you go skimpy on the starch, and may choose to omit it altogether on some days. I have already edited that hub to reflect the corrections.

That hub was a major traffic puller from day one. I want to give Google advertisers the opportunity to reach this traffic, and publishing this second hub on the diet gives me the opportunity to explain it some more. So I sat her down and conducted a proper interview this time. But if there is something you feel that I should have included, just have your say in the comment box at the foot of this page.

In this second instalment she explains the diet as well as.

The Interview

Here is the interview conducted July 20, 2009.

Me: Tell me some more about the diet:

Wife: You have to eat raw vegetables and cooked vegetables every day. I recommend you include pumpkin.

Me: Why pumpkin?

Wife: The pumpkin is a vegetable and it fills you up.

Me: What do you do? Cook the pumpkin?

Wife: Yea! But if you don’t want to cook the pumpkin you shred it like carrot, for raw food is better than cooked food.

Me: So all you had was just vegetables and water?

Wife: No man you eat one kind of starch for the day in very small quantity and sometimes none. But if you are eating pumpkin there is no need for serving starch. It’s really very filing. And you eat your protein, any kind of protein that you normally eat.

(Of course in her case this us usually fish or some form of peas or beans etc.).

Me: So how many meals for the day?

Wife: The usual.

Me: Really, tell me more about the protein at dinner?

Wife: Normal dinner serving that they would eat. Chicken or beef or whatever, along with the vegetables.

Me: So we are back at a regular diet then, I’m hearing starch, protein vegetables?

Wife: Regular diet, except they eat very little starch but as much vegetable as they want and as much variety.

Me: What’s the key then?

Wife: The vegetables and the water? The water flushes out the impurities from the body.

Me: Describe how someone could get started with this then? Summarise the diet?

Wife: Cut out sugar totally. Drink water right throughout the day. Expel the water as you feel to. Eat vegetables with a little starch and protein. And eat a lot of pumpkin.

Me: How did you hear about this diet?

Wife: Made it up myself.

Me: Why don’t you stick to it?

Wife: Because I love food. I saw it working and said if I stick to it I will get results. But the hardest thing is to stick to it.

Me: For those wiling to try it, share with us an example of an average day when you were following the diet and lost the 46 pounds?



1 grapefruit (seedless or bitter)

Cooked Calalu (spinach)

1 slice of bread if you must but then no more starch for the day.


1 serving protein

Cooked pumpkin

As much vegetables as you can eat

1 serving starch if you feel you need the energy e.g. 1 slice of yam or half a potato or 1 boiled banana


Just drink water

Vegetables only, cooked or raw


Just eat some fruits

Remember now: Eat cooked and raw vegetables every day. The best way to have the water is one glass of water on the hour every hour. When you get the urge to urinate go to the bathroom.


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    • profile image

      Sheila Parker 7 years ago

      I will modify the diet, give it a try and your wife and i wll patent it and we will be rich. Great idea.

    • profile image

      ME  7 years ago

      You are not eating eating any food of course you will ose weight. this is not a diet this is starvation. get with the program people.