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10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Updated on May 8, 2014

Just the mere though of trying to lose weight can be a turn-off for some. However if you are serious about losing weight, absolutely nothing should stop you from doing so. There are several things that you can do every day to lose weight. Some will add up to significant weight loss over time, while others will take effect almost overnight. One thing to bear in mind when trying to lose weight quickly is that you will have to be dedicated to the task ahead. The food might not be great and of course you will lose some privileges along the way but you will be smiling at the accomplishment of your goal. Here are 10 easy ways to lose weight fast.

1. Cut all sugar

Did you know that sugar is a leading cause of obesity as well as other ailments? A single cup of sugar contains more than 750 calories! That's a lot more than you you could burn in a few days! The average American consumes over 150lbs of sugar per year. Most of our sugar consumption comes from consuming snack foods and drinks. Here are what to cut from your diet if you want to lose weight fast:

  1. Avoid sodas of all sorts except diet sodas if you must as they contain little or no carbohydrates.
  2. Avoid all juices. Many companies that bottle fruit juices and flavored drinks add tons of sugar to their beverages. Avoid any beverages except unsweetened tea, coffee or water.
  3. Resist the temptation of candies and chocolates.
  4. Avoid carb and sugar filled pastries.
  5. Avoid sweetening anything at all that you prepare, even a little bit.

The first rule to losing weight fast is cutting all sugar from your diet. So sorry, no sweets, candies, sodas or fruit drinks or juices until your goal weight is reached.

2. Cut the carbs

This might sound easy, but it is actually quite challenging. If you cut your carbohydrate intake by half each day, you will lose a significant amount of weight by the end of the week. Since I've already dealt with sugar, when I speak of carbohydrates I mean starchy foods this time around. You will have to avoid eating high starch foods like flour-based products such as pastry, pasta and bread. Rice is also included in this category. Alternatively, you can eat more protein and substitute starchy foods with high fiber meals.

Great substitutes for starchy foods

Starchy food
High fiber Substitute
1 cup white rice
1 cup bulgur rice
1 cup pasta (Macaroni or Spaghetti)
1 cup whole wheat pasta
2 slices white bread
6 Wholewheat crackers
Small serving of fries
Small serving mashed potatoes without gravy
1 cup Potato salad
2 cups Steamed cabbage, carrots or broccoli

3. Bye bye fats and oils

To lose weight fast you will have to sacrifice vegetable oils when cooking your meals. Try methods that require little or no oil or butter while cooking. A good way to avoid much oil is to bake or grill your food. If you need to use oil for anything during this period, use an olive oil cooking spray. Oil spray is efficient for cooking yet minute with calories. Spraying an average baking tin spreads about 30 calories. That is far less than the calories you would add if you poured oil or wiped the pan with butter.

Always remove the skin and visual fats from meats before cooking. Also, avoid eating meats that are known to be laden in fats. If you are not sure which to avoid, stick to fish (not oily fish), chicken and turkey. Most other meats are high in fats.

4. Snack more, eat less

Of course snack does not mean a bag of potato chips. Purchase healthy snacks that are easy to prepare and portion them out for the day. Try to have at least 4 filling snacks each day. These snacks should include:

  • almonds or peanuts
  • fresh fruits like oranges, grapefruits, bananas, grapes, apples, watermelon, papaya, cantaloupe and so on
  • fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumber, shredded cabbage, broccoli, asparagus etc.
  • dried meat like beef jerky, shrimps, dried fish snacks, turkey jerky and so on.
  • Low carb snacks such as rice crackers, whole wheat crackers etc.

5. Avoid salt

One surprisingly easy way to lose weight fast is to avoid salt and salty food as much as possible. Why salt? While salt does not actually contribute to weight directly, it allows our body to retain it through water. Excess salt prevents intake prevents our body from ridding itself of excess fluids thus causing us to bloat-up with excess water weight. Water can amount to a significant portion of our body's excess weight. While dieting its best to avoid eating salty foods. Most foods already contain sodium naturally so there is really no need to add salt to our dishes. Instead, cook with natural seasonings and spices. You may even want to try Mrs. Dash brand seasonings.

6. Skimp on meals

There is no rule about how much to eat at mealtime. One of the easiest ways to lose weight fast is to reduce food intake at mealtime. Share small portions of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may want to eat more calories at breakfast time to sustain you through the morning hunger period. However, as the day gets older, eat fewer calories per meal. Enjoy your ice-cream and dessert in the morning. Who says you have to have these snacks after dinner?

To lose weight, fill up on raw and cooked vegetables and whatever meat you prepare at dinnertime. The main thing to avoid in the evening is high starch and sugary foods. If you get hungry later on, have 2 wholewheat crackers, a cup of air-popped natural unsalted popcorn. Fruits like watermelon and other melons are gentle on the stomach at nights. Having coffee or tea before bedtime can also calm a hungry horse.

7. Share your food with others

It is a good idea to share your meals in order to consume less calories. Order your regular food and give half to your friend. Drink a bit of milkshake and give the 75% left to your kids. At mealtime, share your regular amount of dinner then remove half of it so another family member can have some. Sharing will reduce the amount of calories that you can possibly consume since when you give your food to someone else, there is no way you're going to take it back.

8. Start heavy, end light

I often wonder, why do we eat so heavily at dinner time? After all, most of the day's activities are over by the time we get home from work. So we really would be storing excess calories consumed later on instead of expending them. An effective way to lose weight quickly is to reverse our meal habits. Instead of eating heavily at nights, eat heavier portions at breakfast time. As I stated before, it is okay to eat all your favorite dessert and meats at breakfast time. Stick to lighter dishes rich in fiber at dinner time for effective weight loss. That mashed potato with gravy can wait till morning while you can eat some steamed chicken and vegetables for dinner. As the day gets later, your meals should get lighter. Try ending your evening with some unsweetened tea - especially green tea, white tea, coffee or some weight loss tea.

9. Drink lots of water

Water is important for weight loss. Excess body fluids can only be carried out of the body by water. Water is also the purest method of detoxifying and re-hydrating our bodies. Water can also help us feel full before and during meals, helping us to eat less. Make it a habit to drink pure water at least 8 8ounce glasses daily. Water is also beneficial to the skin and can help boost your daily metabolism.

10. Exercise

Yes, exercise, exercise, exercise! Exercising is an effective way to burn calories. Exercise will also energize you and help you maintain good health. In order to burn more calories in a short period of time, do cardio workouts frequently. Try to exercise for 20 minutes each day. That's really not a lot to ask of your day. With strenuous cardiovascular workouts and a low calorie low salt diet, you could possibly lose 2 pounds or more each week.

What is your most effective method of weight loss?

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The bottom line

By following these 10 easy ways to lose weight fast, you should be on your way to losing weigh in no time. Try to get some motivation to lose weight. If possible, join a fitness club or gym. It might be difficult in the beginning, but trust me, it gets easier after the first week or two. Your most important task is to avoid sugar, refined starch, bad oils and salt for as long as you possibly can. Those are the main causes of excess weight gain and poor health for many people. Losing weight is not as easy as 1,2,3 but it can be fairly easy if you do not cheat yourself. So eat smart and follow the guidelines.


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