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10 reasons why you should be happy it is the end of summer

Updated on January 25, 2016

New season, new opportunities

For most of the people summer means great experiences, nice holidays, swimming, travelling and good weather all in all. I guess this is the reason why many people tend to get upset and depressed when they realise this fantastic season has ended and the rainy, darker and colder autumn is here. In fact, this is not necessarily true of course.

In this article I’ve tried to collect 10 reasons, why you should still be happy that summer has ended and the usual daily grind starts over again.

Autumn is here!
Autumn is here! | Source

No.1. - Pleasant weather

No more extreme weather, you don’t have to sit in the office, sweating, meanwhile some lucky people are having great fun outside. And also, you don’t have to worry whether you will finally be able to enjoy some sunshine on the weekends – as there will be barely any on weekdays, too :). Plus, you don’t have to worry about your older relatives either, who ‘suffer’ a lot when the temperature rises above 20°C.

Colder temperature outside seems to have a good effect on everyone in fact – people tend to get less crazy about weather forecasts and they barely wander anymore in the office with their minds still having a great vacation somewhere. Less excuses, less problem overall.

A group of tourists in Egypt
A group of tourists in Egypt | Source

No.2. - Less tourists

People tend to go on vacation in the summer; therefore public transportation is usually very crowded. Now finally you will be able to get to work faster, as most of the tourists disappear from the biggest cities when autumn and colder weather comes. Also, probably you don’t have to get annoyed by a bigger group of loud tourists near your favourite historical places and romantic spots anymore this year – as there will be none.

No.3. - Opening hours back to normal

Many official institutions have special summer opening hours – when most of the workers are on a vacation; therefore you have less chance to be able to solve your related problems on these weeks. Now, when autumn comes, everything goes back to normal, you don’t have to regularly check the modified opening hours and whether the competent colleague is on a holiday or not in case you have to visit these offices.

Children sitting in the classroom
Children sitting in the classroom | Source

No.4. - Children back to school

Finally, you don’t have to worry about your kids anymore – they go back to school to learn, so no more desperate search for camps, nannies or entertaining programs until next summer. Additionally, more money is left in your pocket, as well.

No.5. - New seasons in theatres and more concerts

Cultural life starts to flourish again – new seasons start in theatres and more and more concerts are organised all around the country. In most of the theatres summer is a ‘dead’ season, as people don’t seem to like sitting in closed venues during the warmer days – it is rather the season of open theatres, but these are rare.

No.6. - More important news

Finally, the newspaper and the reporters start to inform us about real, important events and not just about the warm weather, its consequences or what have happened on the biggest festivals or around lakes/seas.

Now political life is back to normal, they make decisions that really worth mentioning and might interest us in our everyday life.

New seasons on TV!
New seasons on TV! | Source

No.7. - New seasons of our favourite TV shows

Thank God, with autumn our favourite TV shows are back on the TV again - we have new chances to keep our fingers crossed for our beloved characters and find out what will happen with them in the 100th season.

Also, new talents have the chance to rise and make their debut in the best talent shows.

So overall, you don’t have to watch the same repeated episodes in the TV over and over again anymore – which you already know by heart in fact.

No.8. – End-of-summer holiday deals + last minute deals

In case you did not have time to go for a vacation (abroad) and now you want to, you have thousands of end-of-summer offers to choose from. Most of these offers are great last minute deals, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses that much – plus, the weather in the Mediterranean countries is the best in late autumn and early spring (for example: in Egypt, in summer the temperature can rise above 40-45°C, meanwhile in late autumn it is much pleasant, around 30°C).

No.9. - Planning next holiday

You can already start thinking and daydreaming about your next holiday – this not only reduces your summer-sickness, but gives you a new event that you can wait for.

You can find a bit more information on summer-sickness and how to cope with it here.

Sales everywhere!
Sales everywhere! | Source

No.10. End-of-summer sales start

Not only the package holidays, but several other things are on sale after summer as well. The greatest examples are probably swimsuits, light summer clothing, office and art supplies, etc. In case you know you will need any of the above mentioned products, you better wait until these sales start, and I’m sure you can grab a few very good deals. Good luck!

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© Copyright 2012-2014, Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy (zsobig)

End of summer - piano music

© 2012 Sophie


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