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20 Tips and advices on How to start earning on HubPages

Updated on November 29, 2016
The way to success
The way to success | Source

Success on HubPages?

In this article I tried to collect all the important factors that may influence your success here, on HubPages. In the following points you can find my ideas and advices on what to do to start earning (or earning more) on this site and be much more successful as a hubber. Please feel free to express your ideas in comments on the end of this article.

Pay attention to grammar!
Pay attention to grammar!

Here we go!

1. Try to be grammatically correct, triple-check all of your hubs for mistakes. Pay particular attention to the title, as the URL generated from it cannot be changed later, so if you have made a mistake, it will be like that until your hub is up and running. I have to admit, in one of my hubs I made a mistake in the title and I did not see it even if I checked it a hundred times before submitting – my husband pointed out the problem for me a bit later. I felt (and still feel) terrible :/. Still, don’t worry if you realise you have made a mistake, you can correct anything, except for the title URL as I said. And even if the link has a mistake - who else will realise this apart from you? I’m sure: no one. But if you really want to change it you have to save your work, delete the hub with the wrong URL and start a new one.

2. Write more hubs. Don’t expect to get a thousand views a day with only a few hubs or weak content. Make sure you write about topics that people may be interested in now or in the future. The best is if you are able to write evergreen topics.

3. As I said, write evergreen topics. This means you write articles about things that will never be outdated. For example writing about the upcoming programs of Olympics 2012 is not an evergreen topic (probably no one will ever be interested in the program again as it is the past now), but an article about the most shocking stories or the funniest pictures/interviews from this Olympics can be interesting for future generations too.

4. If your hub is not an evergreen topic – try to make it to be! Never ‘forget’ about your article, rather update it frequently with relevant information. For example if you have written a hub about a Samsung phone like Galaxy S2, you can update your hub with a detailed comparison between this mobile and the latest ones. This will surely generate new traffic and will make your hub interesting again.

Try to write about evergreen topics!
Try to write about evergreen topics! | Source

5. Try to promote your work. There are plenty of ways that you can use to make your hubs more popular and get more views: don’t be afraid to post your hubs to Facebook , pin them, tweet them or post them to relevant forums where people might really be interested in your hub. But NEVER spam please! That is forbidden.

6. Keywords are probably the most important factors to get more traffic from search engines like Google. Take your time to research your keywords first. Use tools like Google Insights for search (free), Google Adwords keyword tool or Market Samurai (this is available in trial version, you can choose to pay later to use it more) to find out whether your keywords will generate traffic or not. Keep in mind, the better the keywords the more competition though! When you are done and know what to write about, begin writing your article. Try to ‘build’ your hub around the keywords your previously choose and use them at least 3 times in your article. This will help Google find it and get into a better position in search engine results.

7. Write your own summary for the hub. Don’t let the computer generate it, as it only uses the first few sentences from your article – and this might not be catchy enough to generate additional views. Keep in mind, that in search results the summary will be present under your hub’s title, so if you make it interesting enough, you can win more readers.

8. Use the ‘Suggest links’ option after you have published your hub (it is on the top of the page, with green highlight). If you link your article to the most successful and relevant hubs written by other hubbers you can raise your hub’s quality. Also, you can link to your own hubs as well, to encourage readers to keep on reading YOUR content.

Use the 'Suggest links' option to link your hub to other good quality hubs
Use the 'Suggest links' option to link your hub to other good quality hubs | Source
Don't forget to connect related articles!
Don't forget to connect related articles! | Source

9. Make sure you put your hubs into groups. This will be very helpful in the future, as if your hubs are written around the same niche, the other hubs in that category will show up on the end of your newest hub too, and vice versa.

10. NEVER copy your content. It is strictly forbidden and filtered by HubPages and the community too. Make sure your hub is completely unique and based on your OWN thoughts and views. Sure, you can use some inspiration if you want, but in this case, please attribute the writer of the original content correctly, but still, never copy-paste more than a few words or sentences and use quotation marks.

11. Write articles that are at least 500 words long. Articles which are shorter than this get much less attention and a worse position in search engine results. I think 2-300 words are not even long enough to include each keyword at least 3 times in your article, as I said before.

12. Include relevant and properly used pictures on your hubs. Always attribute the owner of the picture you place in your article. You can find more information on this topic in the HubPages Learning Center.

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13. Don’t even try to be overly promotional. You are of course allowed to write reviews about products, but even in this case you are not allowed to use more than 2 links to a single website.

14. NEVER write hateful content. This is also forbidden, as well as pornographic content.

15. Include Amazon and/or eBay capsules in your hubs. If you are able to find products that are relevant to your topic, provide links to them in your hub so that other hubbers might buy them through your links. In this way, you can earn some money through these referral links. Also, if you have own experiences about the products linked, feel free to include them as a description next to these items.

16. Set up your PayPal, Amazon and AdSense account. This is the most rewarding way to earn money on this site.

Share your favourite pages through your referral tracker!
Share your favourite pages through your referral tracker! | Source

17. Participate in contests and try to find out what might interest others This can also help you to get more page views and followers. On 08/10/2012 one of my hubs became the Hub of The Day – I used the Weekly Topic Inspiration ideas to write it and it became very popular thanks to this opportunity!

18. Use your referral tracker! On the bottom of each page on HubPages you can find the ‘Link to this page’ option. Click on it and copy-paste THAT link to your FB page and other sites. With this, you will get some extra revenue – the more people click on your link and read it, the more you earn!

19. Also, if one of your friends signs up to HubPages through you, you will be earning money through them, too. If your friend starts writing and gets page views you will earn a few pennies based on the number of their page views as well!

20. Get involved in the community! HubPages is a great place to learn and further develop your writing skills. Comment on other hubbers’ hubs, follow them and gain some loyal followers in return. If you share their content I am sure they will share yours, too! And as we all know: this also helps to generate more page views and income.

That's all!

Thank you for reading my hub, these are the most important keys to your success here, on HubPages.

If you liked my article and learned something new, please share it with your friends!

I hope I could help many of my fellow hubbers to earn more or at least to know how to achieve their goals :).

Share your ideas!

Please feel free to comment on this hub, your feedback is very much appreciated!

Or, if you feel that you can write fresh, new ideas about this or a similar topic, just join our community and start writing!

© Copyright 2012-2014, Zsofia Koszegi-Nagy (zsobig)

© 2012 Sophie


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