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21 Positive Thoughts to Remember That Is Essential to Love Your Self - A Humble Offering to Bill Holland!

Updated on February 26, 2022
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


Do not look for Love. Calmly offer Love and let her return to you.

— Sean Dragon

There are three significant reasons why you should show in words and deeds that you love Your Self, every day.

1st: You deserve it. You deserve it because you are a unique creation of the God of Love. I want you to remember that. You are not a random incident, you are one of His gifts to the world, and you deserve to love but also to be loved. So, teach others how to do it.

2nd: You need it. You need it because of all that you've been through, for everything you've struggled for, for everything you've accomplished, for all the times you've failed, you've been broken, you cried, you've been hurt. You need it to retake control, to stand up on your feet again and continue. You need it to be able to manifest all the incredible potential that He has placed in you in order to offer His miracles to the world. We all need your miracles.

3rd: Is the way you will change the world. The change begins from within. The world gets better when we get better. The world will become happy when we become happy. The world will be Paradise again when we re-find the key to Paradise in us, and this key is Love.

That's why I ask you to remember to love your Self. Not your Ego, it's different. It is another thing to love your Self and another to be selfish.

When I truly love myself, I understand that I am as important as any other person, but I am not more important than anyone. I realize that I am an integral part of a beautiful Unity and not a lonely traveller. I know that I must be happy so that to be able to make other people and all the creatures around me happy. I understand that by offering Love to Myself, I offer Love to God, and just like every good father, the best Father of all wants His child to be loved, and His child is you.

I hope that the following thoughts will help you remember this Truth. Meditate on them and make them yours.


1. I am not perfect, but from this awareness, all my miracles begin. None of those who changed the world was perfect.

2. Love is, first and foremost, a way of living. I choose to live with her rather than against her. I offer Love to the world starting with myself.

3. Remember that God does not bring to your life the people, the situations and the things you want. He brings people, situations and things you need.

4. When you feel sorrow because you think someone has forsaken you, remember that no one leaves you! It is just God, who clears your way from anything can delay you on your path to your Truth and Bliss.

5. As you grow up, it becomes more evident that --regardless of the effort of the material world to convince you of the contrary--, there is no problem in living a life that seems strange to many because it obeys to your Truth and is full of Love, while society serves the opposite. They will envy you not by malice, but because they would like to have the courage to choose their Truth and Love. They will envy you because they would want to be able to respect and love themselves.

6. Brutality, Selfishness and Ignorance are the three great generals of darkness. Show them the respect they deserve, in order to defeat them someday, but don't be their servant.

7. Whatever the present moment has brought to you, act as if you had chosen it, no matter how hard it may seem. Since the Universe sent it to you, it certainly has its purpose. It is better to work in collaboration with the Universe than against it.

8. There is the life we dream, the life we deserve and the life we will live. The purpose of our Spiritual struggle is to make these three become one.

9. Do not ever see the duty as a burden. Approach it as if it is an opportunity to express your spiritual understanding in order to make choices that will help you get more of it. Because spiritual understanding leads to happiness.

10. The beauty of a diamond is lost in the dark because then it can't reflect the Light. That's why you have to seek the Light within you and smile to reveal it to the world and reduce the darkness.


11. When darkness embraces the world, then it is a moment the world needs your Light more.

12. Do you want to know what real happiness is? There is one way. Wherever you are, whatever you do, be Love.

13. Sometimes your joy is the cause of your smile, but in some hard times, your smile can become the cause of your joy.

14. You can face every moment either as if you are a victim or as if you are the hero of an adventure. Everything is a matter of choice.

15. Praying for the people who harmed you may not change them, but it will undoubtedly improve you.

16. Remember that without your own efforts, this World would have fewer chances.

17. Be compassionate, be kind and goodhearted and always give love. Love is the Wholeness; we are parts of it. Every new piece that re-joins to the Wholeness is filled with the happiness of the other pieces and adds to them its own.

18. I do not believe in age; I believe in Love that becomes bigger and clearer. I believe in the Revival and the Wisdom of experience.


19. In the noise, you cannot hear the secrets the Universe whispers. The more you quiet internally, the more you will listen to His wise guidance.

20. Of the responsibilities we have, the greatest is to live happily. Nothing can make the world better than that, because the world is changing by happy people.

21. No matter how hard they try, they will not make me see enemies everywhere. Only blessings everywhere.

For the one who loves, time is a friend.

— Sean Dragon

Thanksgiving to Bill

About a year and a half ago, as I just had started swimming in this beautiful "ocean" of HP, Manatita told me "read Bill Holland's Hubs." It was one of the best advises ever! I am blessed to know you and read your writings, my brother Bill! For a strange reason, I felt so close to your Spirit from the first lines I read. I love the way you write, your talent to put the Light and the Kindness of your Heart on and behind your lines! I Love you, Bill, you are a treasure for me, and as I can see for many others! Thank you for the greatest lesson of all, how to be My Self!


I wish you the best for your new book! I am looking forward to buying it!

© 2019 Ioannis Arvanitis


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