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4 Ways to add joy to your life

Updated on February 13, 2015

What happened to your 'soul'?

There comes a time when you just feel that your soul is dead. No matter what you do, no matter how many times you try to out think the nagging little energy vampires inside your head, it has become clear. Nothing moves you. Sure you may be moving about your day with a semblance of normality and to be quite truthful there isn’t really anything particularly wrong. So why does it feel as if the tang from the gum of life has gone flat?

Well, the reasons may be vast, and varied and maybe even altogether too frightening to contemplate all in one sitting. Maybe life isn’t meant to be dealt with all at once. What you can do is stop for a moment. What if you decided to just hush your mind for two seconds and find really simple ways to get yourself out of the flat-lining funk zone and get the pulse racing in your life again.

Connect with what matters

Deep within your soul is a place that still delights with the simple pleasures of life. You may have to dig deep and unearth that special place, but rest assured, it does exist. You need to bring your memory out of the closet, dust off the cobwebs and remember those five or so types of experiences that bring a lump to your throat or tears of joy to your eyes and do that again. Too often in the rat race of day to day living, we do a terrible disservice to those moments that in so called, clichéd fashion take our breath away. We walk away from them promising ourselves that they are moments we will return to, but in fact never do. What do those moments look like to you? Do you long to have the earth beneath your fingertips? Did the smile of an elderly person bring tears to your eyes when you volunteered at a retirement village over your weekend? Did you feed your soul and your waistline when you poured your heart and soul into a batch of chocolate chunk and almond cookies when you baked with love for your family? The writing is on the wall, it is time to connect with what matters.

Cut the bull-shit

Dead end boyfriends/girlfriends, friends or people masquerading as them- it may have been fun but all of them have got to go. Often it isn’t until you are sitting back and savouring the silence of your own thoughts that you realize that you had been putting up with the Brady Bunch and all their chaos in your head all this while. Trust me once you’ve cut through the noise of the people who don’t matter you will have beautiful pockets of silence left within which you can enjoy your thoughts. Ask yourself, who does matter, are there people that I am overlooking at the moment who truly do add value to my life and if so why am I not forging closer relationships with them?

Get real with people who matter

We all have them. There are those gems of people in our lives who we guiltily give little to and make profuse excuses as to why we don’t connect with them more. Yet they are the people who remain stoically by our side watching as we flit like little social butterflies from one party to the next always offering them the scraps of our time. Why wait for the moment when we eventually crash and burn only to arrive on their doorstep for a cup of tea and a word of comfort? Have the courage to ask yourself why it is you keep running from the people who want to give and add value to your life. Are you perhaps avoiding a vulnerable spot in your own life that is, say, not comfortable with receiving from others?

Live in the moment

Yes we’ve heard it a few times before, but it bears mentioning again. Forget rereading the last chapter as the popular internet e-cards and quotes are always likely to say. Equally no joy or peace of mind may be found in anticipating bad events or stresses that haven’t even occurred yet. If we are really truly not able to prevent our minds from wandering, at least let us take earthy and sensual pleasure in the moments that we are afforded in our lives to live to the fullest. So you’re going to have a soak in a bathtub? Why not go the whole hog and scatter some rose petals in for good measure. If you’re taking the time to eat that dessert, save the regrets and own the moment, actually enjoying every spoonful. 1,2,3 Breathe and immerse yourself in the NOW.

If ever you find yourself feeling low expand your ‘soul’- well in this case do so in the literary sense. Think of your sense of soul in the following way:

S- Serenity
O- Open Mind
U- Understanding
L- Love

Pharrell Williams- Happy

Katrina and the Waves- Walking on Sunshine

Wham- Wake me up before you go-go

At the end of the day, there really may be no perfect solution in seeing yourself on your ‘A’ game every single day of your life. There will be highs and there will be lows and without doubt there will be days that have you asking; ‘Is this really my life?’ All I can leave you with are the words that life is a masterpiece and an artwork that is always evolving and always in progress. If you feel as if the soul and the juice has gone out of your life, it really is up to you to seize life by the scruff of its neck and shake it up until something moves. Go for gold!


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Nice thoughts on seizing the moment, reminding us of the Soul and the masterpiece called Life. Peace.


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