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5 Tips on How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

Updated on August 20, 2011

There are so many complex theories and therapies at this moment available in the world to overcome approach anxiety. Perhaps it makes people more panic and fearful. So instead of going into that let us approach this problem simply by using our common-sense. First of all try to understand the problem and the solution is already in the problem. If you understand what is approach anxiety and how it is created then in that knowing itself you will get free. You don't have to invent anything new. You just need to understand what is there. So, there is this thing, "anxiety", look at this anxiety objectively, observe and learn. And you will notice following points:

  • YOU are the creator of approach anxiety. It is not caused by anything outside. Beautiful women don’t create anxiety in you, but it is YOU who create anxiety. It is your perception, it is your defination, it is your view and it is your attitude. Nobody outside has any power over you.

  • You are not born with approach anxiety or your DNA is not programmed to experience approach anxiety in XYZ situation. It has nothing to do with your forefathers being afraid of woman. It is not your nature, it is a learned behaviour which you can change.
  • How much fear, anxiety, panic you experience is determined by your perception and your beliefs. Everyone does not experience the same level of fear or anxiety. It depends on YOUR perception. It depends on which pictures you see in your mind. If you could convince your mind that perceived challenge is achievable and equal to your skills then you can overcome anxiety very easily. You can fool your mind by using visualization techniques that the perceived challenge is achievable. Because it has already fooled you by visualizing that perceived challenge is not achievable.
  • You need to change your view about the perceived challenge or your view about your skill level. And both things can be changed in your mind and only you can do it. Once your perceived skill level match your perceived challenge level you will naturally feel confident. You will feel as if you are just going with the flow.
  • You don't need to keep improving and learning new seduction techniques to overcome approach anxiety. Because there is no end to learn this kind of learning. Then you will waste lots of time. So don't change your skills but change your PERCEPTION about your skill level.
  • You can change the perceived challenge with very simple approach For example now while approaching woman you think what type of person she wants? Am I suitable for her? Will she reject me? That's why you feel approach anxiety. So, change this question to, "Let me find out whether she's suitable for me?"

Control your breath to control your anxiety

When there is anxiety and panic then there are lots of things going on in your body mind system on which you don't have any control. For example your heart is pumping rapidly, blood pressure increases, you are sweating, feeling uncomfortable sensations and adrenaline flow in your all body to prepare you for fight or flight response. You don't have any control over this complicated mechanism but you can control your breath. You can just watch your breath, or you can breath deeply. This is the way you will distract your mind or communicate your mind that the perceived challenge is smaller. If you become focused on your breathing than your mind will become calm. this is the surest way to control your panic and anxiety.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Interesting hub on Approach Anxiety well advised and clearly mentioned.


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