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How to die peacefully

Updated on June 22, 2011

Why there is fear of death?

Only one thing is certain in the life, and that is death. When we are running after success, money, power death is slowly chasing us. Nobody seems to be aware of it. We live as if we are always going to live on this planet. 50-70 years is very short time span. And that too is very uncertain. Any moment we may disappear.

Religions give consolation that there is reincarnation but we are not sure about it. We may believe in reincarnation but still there is doubt deep down inside. If you get aware about your death you want to forget it, and run away from it. But still it is there. It was there since we were born. There is fear of death because we never realize that every moment we are dying. Death is silent partner with our life. Life and death goes together. This moment we are dying. The process is so silent that we never recognize it. Once we recognize that death is always there and it is not in the future but it is always in the present moment and you can not run away from it then fear will disappear.

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Attachment is the root of fear

One more reason of the fear of death is attachment. Things are changing, everything is in motion. Rich can become a poor, a poor can become rich, healthy person can get diseased, or a diseased can get healthy. So there is always change. One moment there is love, another moment there is hatred. We want stability in health, wealth, relationships, power and position. But it is not possible. A break up with your loved one seems like death. One part of you is died. If you can accept this changing nature of things then you will not become panic. Sometimes there is success and sometimes failure. Bad moments are opportunity to train yourself to remain calm.

If you could stay calm and cool when you loose something precious in your life then one day you will remain calm while you leave your body. Fear is directly proportionate to attachment. You are worried about your children because you are attached. They are your part. You never worry about your neighbor.

Attachment is not love

You are attached to your children and you want to fulfill your dreams through your children. You want them to be ahead of everyone, you want to see them on the top, you teach them to compete. You worry about them. If they get low grade in school then others then you get depressed, you get angry with your kids. You think this is love. Remember love does not expect too much from others. Lovers often say how much they love each other but they get break up because there is too much expectations from each other. When there is attachment there is fear, worry, tension, panic, competition, hatred. They all goes together.

Ego: The shadow of death

Ego is self image. It is not real, it is like shadow. It has no existence except in your imagination. If you look inside then you will see thoughts and images are moving constantly. This constant movement gives illusion as if ego is real. That's why many people feel afraid of getting silent. Silence seems like death. And death is total silent. In death ego will disappear, and in silence also ego will disappear.

Meditation is the practice of facing death

In deep meditation you will find ego is disappeared. If there is no ego, there is no fear. If you practice silence even for few minutes everyday you will get a taste of death. Then death will become your friend. Then there will be total acceptance of everything. Because in death you have to accept everything, you can not fight. When you get the taste of death, you will understand love and compassion. Then there will be no competition and violence in your life.

If you die every moment there is no fear of death

If you always forgive people for their mistake, and never carry hurts in your mind then there will be no accumulated past in your brain. Keep closing all chapters and live moment to moment. This moment there is no fear. It is always in the past or future. There is no fear here and now. So always live here and now. THIS MOMENT is the only safe place even in the battlefield. Because THIS moment you are alive. Don't waste this moment in worrying about next moment and there will be no fear. If your heart filled with love and compassion then fear melts like mist. Love is the connection to the eternal life.


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