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6 Diet Tips Today That Make a Difference Tomorrow

Updated on June 3, 2012

There are many things that go into getting you the perfect diet results. However, there are also things that you can do to help speed up the process. These are some essential tips that you can use to help you lose the weight and keep it off.

1. Eat smaller meals: Eating smaller meals through the day can help you lose weight. Instead of eating one big meal during the day break it up into several smaller meals. This gives the body more time to properly digest the foods that you have eaten

2. Breakfast: Regarded as an essential meal many of us skip it or only have coffee. Even if it is a healthy breakfast shake to go it is better to eat breakfast to kick started your metabolism.

3. Water: Water is the number one liquid that can help someone lose weight. It can rehydrate you when you are dehydrated. It will help keep toxins out of your body and assist you in getting the stuff that is not good for you out quickly.

4. Take your Time: When eating your meals you do not need to scarf it down your throat. There will still be plenty more. If, you take your time it will allow your body more time to digest the food you are giving it. Another, good advantage to eating slowly is that you will feel fuller for a longer period of time reducing the chances of snaking.

5. Eat protein: If, you are forgetting to nourish yourself with plenty of protein then you are reducing the amount of energy you are going to have. They are the building blocks that make muscle growth essential. It will provide you the energy you need to burn more calories and will allow your body to receive the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs every day.

6. Exercise: do not get in the habit of trying to lose weight while sitting on the couch it just does not work. Exercising like taking a walk, run, or doing crunches can help you burn the calories that you want to lose. It will also help in the reduction of stress which is a leading cause of weight gain.

Following just these simple steps will help you greatly reduce the weight in no time. You want to make sure you keep an eye on your caloric intake. The better job you do of watching your calories the more weight that you will lose. For example, the average person needs about 3500 calories burned to lose more than 1 pound per week. If, you burn up to 500 calories a day then your maintenance schedule will allow you to lose that one pound. Another way to figure out your total usage is by your BMI take the number of your BMI and add your calories burned through activities then subtract the 500. This will give you the ideal number you need to lose the weight that you would like.


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Good tips! I have to lose some weight and am finding that drinking more water and moving more helps a lot.

  • novascotiamiss profile image


    6 years ago from Nova Scotia, Canada

    Great hub. I totally believe in all your points. Especially if people slowed down eating, this would help their metabolism. In Europe where people eat slower, there are less obese people than in North America. You forgot one important point: Read the labels. Most people don't know what they are eating and are piling up a lot of unnecessary calories. And fresh food is always better than processed food. Voted up!

  • Tonipet profile image

    Tonette Fornillos 

    6 years ago from The City of Generals

    Eating small meals are very effective. They just don't allow you to eat a little of what you love, but helps you keep from gaining weight. Great tips very useful.


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