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Good Diet Tips Include High Energy Foods

Updated on June 3, 2012

The main issue people have with dieting is after a couple of weeks they will notice that their energy levels are down. This is because people tend to do crash diets. Crash diets will not give you the energy you need to make it through your days. Most will substitute food with coffee or high energy drinks. Without eating high energy food, the effects will only last a short while. This is why it is important to keep high energy foods on your list. When you are dieting, and you have regular high energy foods it will help your metabolism keep going for a much longer period of time. It will optimize your blood sugar levels and improve your energy levels so you can get through the day.

Here, is a list of some of the high energy foods that you can use to help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

1. Fruits: One of the best foods to meet your energy needs during the day is with fruit juice. You can get a wide variety of juices from your local grocery store that contains a high amount of Vitamin C. There is a wide variety of an available flavor’s, but search for ones that are produced with naturally without any artificial flavors or colors.

2. Beans: Believe it or not one of the highest concentrations of energy for your body is with beans. Beans are a natural and highly concentrate form of potassium and carbohydrates. Yes! Even pork and beans are good for you.

3. Fish: Tuna and other fish are highly valuable source of proteins. They can provide you a lot of energy when you need it most while losing weight. They have omega 3 which are great for your heart.

4. Watermelon: This is a great source of vitamin C for your diet. Not only does it taste good. I t contains a high amount of vitamins to help keep you on track like potassium and iron. It also contains a high degree of water that helps keep your body hydrated.

5. Yogurt: This is a great source of vitamins that are great for you during your diet. There is vitamin B, potassium, and protein. They will help your metabolism work harder, increase your immune response and help promote more energy.

6. Bananas: These small fruits contain very valuable sugars that help with processing and digesting foods. They are high in natural vitamins like potassium. They also have the added benefit of having serotonin in the banana and can help keep you happier while on your diet.

7. Water: The essential nectar of the gods that help keep us the healthiest. It is the natural way to help your body maintain proper hydration levels along with ridding your body of the toxins that it can produce. Water will help influence your metabolism allowing it to work more effectively. It will also help you feel fuller allowing you to suppress your appetite while you are dieting. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day. One before you go to bed and one after you wake up first thing in the morning.

8. Green Tea: Another great natural diet drink is green teas. Green tea contains many of the essential antioxidants and vitamins to help you lose weight and burn the fat more efficiently. The largest ingredients of green tea are the amount of Catechins.

9. Vegetables: Vegetables are one of the best ways to maintain regular energy in your diet. Many of the high energy vegetables are cabbage, spinach, sprouts, and broccoli. They all contain the correct amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for the optimal health of your body.

So, to help you with your weight goals include any of these items in your daily routine. They will help provide energy, burn fat, increase metabolism and help you feel great. They will give you all the proper functions your body needs to stay healthier.


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  • Kalmiya profile image

    Kalmiya 5 years ago from North America

    Good hub on an important topic for us these days. I'm trying to invent a tasty low/no salt white bean dip for a snack food to keep away from junk as they're a good source of protein and fiber. It's really a challenge eating well!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Eating healthy for good energy is becoming an issue for us. You mention beans which I think are a great source of protein and fiber while being good for you. I'm trying to invent a tasty white bean puree dip that is low/no salt as this would be a great snack item to have on hand without getting into the junk food. Thanks for your hub!

  • maryhoneybee profile image

    maryhoneybee 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

    Thanks for the tips! I once heard bananas were a no-no on a diet, but could never put together why so still ate them. On the topic of maintaining energy levels, I find that when I'm dragging and feeling sluggish, just standing up and marching in place or lifting weights for just a few minutes gives me an energy boost. I feel ten times better and more capable of getting things done.