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7 Reason Why You Should Try A Kick Boxing Fitness Class

Updated on June 27, 2015

Maybe you have heard of kickboxing, fitness kickboxing or some other form of cardio Kickboxing and wondered what it’s all about. Well Kickboxing is a sport that has been around for a long time. However kickboxing for fitness is still rather new and is constantly changing. Instructors and participants add in new methods that work and get rid of some of the moves that do not work or are not as beneficial for the body. With the advancement in our knowledge of Anatomy and bio-mechanics some changes occur to better protect joints and muscles but the end results are the same.


Full body workout – There will always be a place for 3 or 5 day splits in the gym while resistance training. However for many people looking to lose weight, a full body routine with the mix of cardio and resistance training is perfect. Many forms of kickboxing utilize full body routines in all their classes.

Interval training to burn fat – Interval training or HIIT is an amazing way to shed some extra fat. During your workouts you may perform activities such as 40 jab, crosses, followed but 20 roundhouse kicks from each leg then finish off with 20 squats or pushups. This type of training has proven time and time again to be effective in reaching your goals. I also want to make it clear that this type of training should not be confused with Tabata training, as Interval and HIIT is not Tabata training.

Learn some self defense - Self defense from a fitness class? How can it be you say? Well for a lot of kick boxing classes a kick is a kick and a punch is a punch. When you find a good class and instructor they will even teach form and technique as you perform the movements. This helps build power, speed, and the strength to stand your ground if you had too.

Relieve stress – Our world is filled with stress some good, and some bad. It’s the consent stress from work, life, family, money, etc that wares us down and more studies are showing the effects on your health due to high levels of stress for prolonged periods. What better way to relieve stress than through exercise? Better yet! What better way to relieve stress while kicking a boxing bag or punching a mitt?

Boost confidence and improve Posture - When we exercise we release hormones that make us feel better. When we achieve our small and long term goals we feel better as well. Both of these contribute to improving our mood and make us happier. Kickboxing goes one step further. For a lot of people it helps build confidence because they feel stronger and are more confident. When people are more confident their posture improves. It all goes hand in hand.

Summary of benefits
Serves as a Tool for Self-Defense
Serves as a Tool for Stress Reduction
Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System
Improve Coordination

Improved stamina, agility and coordination - Stamina, agility and coordination are trained daily in kickboxing routine. The simple beginner combo of jab, cross, roundhouse kick can be challenging enough too many people, because they are unable to balance their body weight effectively while performing the exercise. In time agility improves with the use of multiple combos, and your coordination improves while kickboxing, punching, and adding moves like ducking and weaving.

Meet People - Do not underestimate how important a weekly routine of getting out and meeting people with like minded similarities and people who enjoy the same type of exercises that you yourself do. This is why taking part in any type of exercise class even if it is not a form of kickboxing can be beneficial to your health.

I hope by reading this has been enough to spark you to get out there and join a local kickboxing class and start reaping the benefits that come from being active this way.

Lady Kickboxing
Lady Kickboxing | Source


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