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8 Small Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Updated on August 19, 2019
Gargi Srivastava profile image

I am a Doctorate student in Computer Science & Engineering. I'm an avid reader who regularly falls in love with fictional characters.

Do you ever think your life could be improved? Often at the end of the day, we wish we'd got along with other people better. Perhaps looked after ourselves and generally made more of an effort. Try these 8 small steps to make life more fulfilling.

1. Communicate

Communication is the no. 1 factor which determines the quality of life, and yes, it doesn't mean being a talkative person. Start with daily conversation with your parents and siblings. Giving them 15 minutes of your day won't harm you and will improve your relationships beyond imagination. Call your friends once a month/week to know how they are doing. It will feel good.
It is also the most powerful tool to help improve your life. Excellent communication means you will always have people to celebrate with and people who will uplift you in bad times. Also, it saves a lot of time when you can put off your social media and invest it in relationships.


Nothing is more priceless than a meaningful conversation with your loved ones.

2. Savor the moment

Ever saw a sunset in a fleeting moment while you're running back to home from the office. No? You missed a moment of a lifetime then. There are some moments when we can stop, look, appreciate, and savor the moment with our senses. It gives you a peaceful pleasure — one which is independent of how much your bank balance is. So, the next time you see a beautiful flower, or birds circling in the sky, or trees dancing in the wind, take a moment and relax. You'll have a smile on your face.


3. Wake up 5 min before

Do you wish everyday of waking up early and still snooze the alarm? There are a lot of tips you can find in online videos/contents like keep the phone far from you, run to the balcony as soon as you wake up, etc. Do it. Stop thinking and wishing. Determine the night before that you have to wake up 5 min earlier. Remember, not waking up when your alarm rings, is like breaking a promise every day you made to yourself. Remember what you would think about a person who lets you down every single day. Don't be that person to yourself.

Early mornings are the best to be close to nature and to be close to your true self.

4. Exercise

Exercise is essential. Doing physical activity is more important than you think. Think about what you would want to be when you reach 60? Do you want to depend on someone? No? Then exercise. This is another factor that will keep your head held high other than the money you are busy minting. Start with small baby goals, like 5-min of some physical activity: walking, taking the stairs, sit-ups, crunches. Just 5 minutes of your day will go a long way in increasing your strength capacity. To keep your motivation high: buy some gym clothes, shoes, dumbbells and get the exercise mill running. Do some of the tasks you think impossible. Put it on social media. Be an inspiration.

Exercise keeps your self confidence and your spirits high.

5. Read

No, not the daily newspaper. Read to enjoy. Read to learn. Read so that you are a bit more than you already are. Find some good books on self-improvement or fiction/non-fiction, of your favorite childhood authors and dive in them. The most crucial part of reading is continuing. Fix a specific time for it and read at that time every day and before you know, it'll become a habit. You can choose a time like after lunch or while having your evening snack. Just make sure to read for 15 minutes every day. Some of the good starters are Counting by 7's; Veronica Decides to Die and The Forty Rules of Love.


6. Prioritize

It's essential to understand what and who affects you and to what extent. By this way, you can clear your mind and make unbiased and courageous decisions for yourself. Get rid of negative people and be with enthusiastic people who are full of life. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says we are the average of the five people we live with. So, better be with people who are positive and lively.

The more quickly you do away with unwanted people and things in your life the more you would be promising yourself to be happier every day.

7. Eat Healthy

Don't start thinking about crash diets. Just do little things. Skip packed foods. Make dinner for yourself. Just have a balanced diet. Everyone possesses the basic knowledge of what is right and wrong for health. Just take one small right decision a day, and by the end of a week, you'll already start feeling better.


What you eat is what you become. Eat healthy and be healthy.

8. Maintain a journal

The toughest for the last. Writing a journal every day is not everyone's cup of tea. At least, start writing once a week. Or make a mental note of everything before sleeping. You can also write five good things that happened to you today. It will let you keep away the worrying thoughts that creep up every night and deprive you of peaceful sleep. Once a while you can turn back the pages and then something that happened way before can bring a smile on your face.

Recording your day allows you to have a perspective on your actions from a distance. It gives you the bigger picture and more clarity of situations and prepares you for the future.



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