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A Case Of: The Monday Morning Cramps

Updated on April 7, 2022

Beacause, I Said So!!!!

A Battle of Wits

This morning, it took everything out of me to convince my 7 year old son to get out the door and make it on the school bus! I really do feel drained and my mind feels like mush for we, my son and I had a battle of wits (use of intelligence refrainng from violence) from 7:15 a.m. until 8:10 a.m. when the bus came huslting down the street. More than once, I found myself taking those 'deep-inhaled-breaths' and the 'heavy-exaggerated-releasing-ones' that are suggested and recommended stress busters by phychiatrists, yoga instructors, Naturalists, and just about anyone looking to find serenity. My son did not want to go to school and he was being downright impossible about it! Crying, being stubborn, making up things like having a sore belly and cramps,and being downright infuriating! So, while making breakfast, packing Mack's luchbox, picking out his clothes for him to wear (yes,.. I still do this for him otherwise he would leave the house looking like his Mother (I) don't give a damn about him), and not to mention all the other things required of a person that needs to ready themselves to get to work, such as, feed the dog and put him out, unload the dishwasher to reload, make the beds, take a shower, make certain Mack brushes his teeth, and all the other things which are too numerous, time-consuming, and what I think, an absolute bore of complaints for others to read..

So, in my attempt to not scream or become a 'Monday Morning B- - - -,' I followed the advice of many, "In with the-good-breath-inhale, and release out with the-bad-breath-exhale." In my mind I repeated this nifty little tool to regain control over and over repeatedly for indeed I was on the brink of losing it more times than not.

How does this happen, a seven year old seemingly running the show?....

Answer: Blame it on Monday--Monday is bad. Monday comes too early, and Monday can linger all day!

Is it a case of Single-Parenthood Gone Wrong?

Answer: Nope, it's none other than, "A Case Of The Monday Morning Cramps!"


It's not only Mondays that these, above mentioned, try-to-drive-me-over-the-edge occurrences play out in one's life. Unfortunately, and even realistically for most, this is one example of our daily routines.


For me, Monday is a bad visitor. Always, he(Monday) lands after a fun-filled weekend, you know the one! The one we never want to end!

I've created this Hub to welcome others to share their cases of, what I call, "The Monday Morning Cramps!" Come on! I dare you to admit just how painful they can be!!!! I truly believe that sharing tumultuous times with others can help ease our burdens and prevent us from sinking into a pit of despair. Don't just roll with the punches, let's learn from each other, and together we can have a laugh or two along this roller coaster ride I call, life!!!!


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