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List of Latest Diet Meals Plan to Choose From - Dieting Options

Updated on August 29, 2012

A Dozen Latest Diet Plans to Choose From

There are lots of diet plans available nowadays and in fact they keep on popping up. Almost one or two new diet program plans are being launched every six months. People in their attempt to lose weight get to choose from different ways pertaining to healthy diet planning through books, online diet plans and through educating themselves about healthy diet planning.

Diet planning should incorporate education about healthy foods, nutrition and calories because once you are educated you will be able to choose the best diet plan program for you. Healthy diet planning is a rigorous task as you need dedication, patience and consistency. In the end, you will emerge with positive results if you stick to the diet plan you choose. To help you with options regarding diet plans, I collected dozen latest diet program plans for you to choose from.

In this article I will provide in brief the latest dozen list about diet plans which are available and for you to be able to choose the one that fits you best.

A Dozen Latest Diet Plans to Choose From

  1. The Biggest Loser --This is a diet and fitness program and at the same time same as that used by contestants on the NBC TV show ---- with the same title. "The pyramid of 4-3-2-1 four servings of fruits and veggies; three of lean protein; two of whole grains; and one "extra"), along with good old-fashioned exercise". -- Dr. Michael Dansinger, and dietitian-chef Cheryl Forberg, RD, trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, plus writer Dr. Maggie Greenwood-Robinson put up this program. -- The objective is to eat a diet based largely on fruits, vegetables and lean protein, add a heavy dose of physical activity and you will lose weight, lower cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, and become stronger and more energized --.
  2. The Hallelujah Diet -- This is a diet based on a heavily supplemented, low-calorie vegetable diet consisting of 85% raw organic foods and 15% cooked foods, is the core of the faith-based Hallelujah Diet Program. The Rev. George Malkmus and his wife, Rhonda, developed the diet and recipe books at their Hallelujah Acres farm to educate their followers on what they say is "God's way to optimal health." he said that “The Hallelujah Diet is our way of taking people back to the original diet, designed to be the best weight loss program on the planet Earth.""God's way to optimal health."
  3. The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program -- This is a three-level food-mind-body plan to help people lose weight and keep it off. Those who are in the program are taught how to eat the food they want in small portions; how to increase their energy levels via simple activity. Then how to build more balance into their lives in order to maintain weight loss and healthy diet .The menu which was develop together with his or her counselor are based on an individuals weight, height, and goals."The focus is on moderation, a balanced diet, and getting enough exercise. But built into the program are occasional splurges that allow dieters to indulge themselves a little".
  4. Nutri System --This is far the most convenient way of dieting because you simply make your food selections and then get a month's worth of meals delivered to your door in microwave-ready pouches. The Nutri system diet plan started in 1972. The Nutri System Advanced was launched in 2008. The Nutri System diet is based on healthy diet plus the meals delivered are low in sodium, saturated and trans fat, it also include whole grains and a wide variety of foods.
  5. Eat More, Weigh Less Diet --This is a combination of diet and exercise that allows the body's fat-burning mechanism to work most effectively. A book by Dr. Dean Ornish popularized this method of dieting. His main point is that eating a high-fiber, low-fat vegan diet will not only help you stay healthy, or get you there, but also will help you with your objective.
  6. The Atkins Diet-- This all about low carb diet. Dr. Atkin authored a book about low carb diet and it became bestseller. The Atkins diet promises that not only will you lose weight -- and not be hungry -- with a low-carbohydrate diet, but you'll also be on the road to better heart health and memory function, as well as other wellness benefits.
  7. South Beach Diet which is similar to Atkins Diet -- discussed above -- This is based on a bestselling book in which the diet looks at how much sugar is in a carb. Low-sugar carbs -- those with a low "glycemic index" . "The only difference with the Atkins diet is that the "South Beach" dieters must say goodbye to potatoes, fruit, bread, cereal, rice, pasta, beets, carrots, and corn for the first two weeks. After that, most of these foods remain strongly discouraged."
  8. The Zone Diet is based on a menu plan, diet and was started by Dr. Barry Sears. "The Zone diet is a "metabolic state in which the body works at peak efficiency," and that state is created by eating a set ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat." "By retooling your metabolism with a diet that is 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates, The Zone diet contends that you can expect to turn back encroaching heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  9. The Best Life Diet is based on a healthy diet, menu and lifestyle change that goes with it. The proponent is a physiologist by the name of Bob Greene and it has been used by Oprah Winfrey. A change in dieting mind-set so you can focus on improving your life and gaining control over your struggles with eating and weight.
  10. Weight Watchers Program is already around and it started in 1960. It is said that this program is based on science and that "it addresses the dieter's lifestyle as a whole, and is free of gimmicks". The Weight Watchers' web site includes several useful diet features and tools, including recipes, calorie calculators, restaurant guides, meal trackers, and more. The newer version is "The Momentum” which was launched two years ago in 2008. "This program focuses on long-term weight management and a commitment to an overall healthy lifestyle. The program is based on four basic principles: eating smarter, moving more, getting support, and developing better habits."
  11. The 3 Day Diet.This involves sole dieting, no exercise. 3 Day Diet is a very specific food plan that must be followed precisely. Portions must be eaten exactly as specified and dieters are warned not to overeat -- otherwise the promised 10 pound weight loss may not be achieved. "The version of 3 Day Diet is all over the Internet and it promised up to a 10 pound weight los in three days, although realistically it has been said that " most of that weight is likely due to fluid loss and not the more desirable fat loss"
  12. Cabbage Soup Diet -- In cabbage soup diet, there is no behavioral tips, no advice on changing bad habits -- just a strict list of what to eat each day of the week. -- The Cabbage Soup Diet plan promises a 10-pound weight loss in one week, and dieters are restricted to one week at a time on the plan --


Other Diet Plans to Choose From

  1. Flat belly diet
  2. Flexitarian diet
  3. 5 Factor Diet
  4. Flavor Pint diet
  5. 4 Day diet
  6. Fruit Flush Diet
  7. French Women Don’t Get Fat
  8. 02 diet
  9. Park Avenue Diet
  10. Perricone diet
  11. Sonoma Diet
  12. South beach diet Supercharged
  13. The Spectrum
  14. Step diet
  15. Raw Food Diet
  16. Rice diet solution
  17. Sugar Busters
  18. Thin For Life
  19. 4 Day Diet
  20. 3- Hour diet
  21. Ultra Metabolism diet
  22. Volumetrics
  23. What Color Is your Diet
  24. Weight Loss Cure
  25. Dr. Andrew Weil
  26. You- On A diet
  27. Personality Typo Diet
  28. Pritikin principle
  29. Protein power
  30. Raw Food Diet
  31. Rice diet solution
  32. Skinny Vegan diet
  33. Slim Fast Plan


Other Diet Plans to Choose From

  1. Marthas Vineyard Diet Detox
  2. Medifast diet
  3. Mediterranean diet
  4. Cheaters diet
  5. Cookie diet
  6. Dr Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution
  7. Eat What you love
  8. Eco Atkins Diet
  9. Belly Fat Care
  10. Fresh Bar diet
  11. The Full bar diet
  12. G Free Diet
  13. Gene Smart diet
  14. Glycemic Index diet
  15. Grapefruit diet
  16. High School Reunion Diet
  17. Instinct diet
  18. The Kind Diet
  19. Eat More, Weigh less
  20. Master your Metabolism
  21. Mayo Clinic Diet
  22. Eat Right For Your Type
  23. Eat This, Not That
  24. LA weight Loss
  25. Lemonade diet
  26. Living Low Carb Diet
  27. Macrobiotic diet
  28. Morning Banana Diet
  29. Naturally Thin Diet
  30. New Beverly Hills diet
  31. Big Breakfast diet
  32. Bigger Loser simple swap
  33. Body for life
  34. Fast Food diet
  35. Fat Smash diet



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