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A New Baby Girl – Grandparent Wants Headline News

Updated on June 27, 2011

New Baby Girl

New Baby Girl on My Lap
New Baby Girl on My Lap

Have you ever wanted your very own newspaper headline to announce news to the world -  very special news?  I did, when I heard that my new grandchild had arrived safely into this world.

 Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about being a new grandparent.   Some people anxiously await the arrival of grandchildren, but I wasn’t one of them.  I hoped that I’d be a new grandparent one day but I certainly didn’t want to pressure on my sons or their partners. 

 When I heard the news that “they” were pregnant and that they were looking forward to becoming new parents, I was delighted. 

 I just knew that my son and his lovely partner would be great new parents.  After what seemed an interminable wait (and that was just this new grandparents viewpoint!), – their new baby girl arrived at 5am on a lovely New Zealand summer morning. 

 I was invited to spend the first few precious days at home with the proud new parents and their new baby girl.    This was THE MOST joyous occasion and I feel fortunate to have been invited to share that very special time just after this precious wee bundle arrived.

The connection between us, me and my first grandchild was instantaneous and indelible.  That the love was so strong took me quite by storm.  As I held her in my arms, for the very first time, I couldn’t contain the emotional surge welling inside me. 

 I’d forgotten many things about babies.  I’d forgotten just how tiny they are when they’re first born.  My hand looked like it belonged to a giant when I held hers in mine.  Her clothes, although tiny (size 000), were still far too large to fit her long thin frame.    

 I’d forgotten how often (and how loudly) new born babies cry.  How it twists your heart when they won’t settle, won’t feed and are having trouble with those all important first usual human bodily functions.

 Seeing my son, as a dad was incredibly special to witness.  He’s always liked to play.  We laughed as he lifted his new baby girl high in the air – this 3 day old tiny child – pretending she was an aircraft (complete with sound effects) swooping her down to land - the airstrip being the breast!

 I was touched to see my son, display love and endless patience as he cradled his daughter in his long hairy arms, gently rocking his baby to calm her. 

It was poignant to see my grandchild of a few days old lock her big dark eyes with his – the trust seemingly unflinching. 

Suddenly, my son seemed wise and confident in this new role.  How did that happen so quickly I mused?  One minute a carefree young man, the next a rather confident parent, taking charge of a newborn.  I learnt a lot about my son during these few days. 

These moments have given me memories which will last a lifetime.  They made the first few days of being a “hands-on” new grandparent so joyous.

 Of course, the sleep deprivation took me by surprise as well. 

 I committed to being available for the new parents doing whatever I could to smooth the path.  That meant for several nights, I joined my wonderful daughter-in-law during the graveyard shift.  The reward for me, as if I still needed one, was some very special cuddle time with a full, contented baby.

After a week, I was an exhausted, but happy and proud new grandparent.  I got to leave them for a time and recover relishing those first few nights sleeping in a comfy bed where there was no danger of a crying baby waking me.  They didn’t.

But somehow, as new parents you discover stamina to get through this early stage.

 I was also amazed by her beauty, this 3 day old baby grandchild of mine.  There was nothing wrinkly about this little one.  Her long fingers, rosebud lips and button nose perfect in everyway.  Of course, my side of the family thought she looked just like us but then so too did the relatives of the other side! 

 What matters more is that our grandchild, “our” new baby girl is cherished and that the new family continues to grow to meet the challenges ahead.   

 And the news headlines – well I keep telling new grandparent stories to anyone who’ll listen!


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