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A Wonderful Thanksgiving Day and a Horrible Car Wreck

Updated on November 29, 2019
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Roses Are Cool

Why not look at the rose instead of the thorns
Why not look at the rose instead of the thorns | Source


Oh you would say it was horrible. Not here. Car wreck here is a problem. I say it was fantastic. His mom and my son were traveling on the road. A horrible car wreck happened. Heavy, heavy coastal rains for a second day. She was driving quite appropriately for the conditions. Of course all buckled up and the car in tip top condition. Yet there was a horrible car wreck for them.

The car in front had no break lights. He ran into the car in front of him and my wife ran into him. Our car is totaled. The car in the front is damaged but basically drivable. We know something wrong was going on as the car with no break lights sped away after the accident.

Now you would say that that is horrible. But we do not. The accident was horrible. But no one seems to be seriously injured. And that is amazing. Of course we went to the doctor soon after and all seems to be moderately OK. But in such matters the whiplash conditions normally show up 10 to 16 hours later.

The man in the front car pulled over fast. And ran back and grabbed up my son and put him in his car safely. The rain was horrendous. He did all the calling for tow and attention. Now we could be in anger and we could be devastated. But we are not. We are thankful for the lack of serious injury.

My son says prayers every time he rides and pulls out of the driveway. My wife insists. And he seems to like it. I do not think of such things, although I pray many many times a day.

What a wonderful thing that no one was seriously injured. And what a wonderful thing that the man was so kind and caring.

We ask God why he lets horrible things happen. And then we are overcome by the kindness others show during such times. Blessings from strangers. Why oh why lord does thee forsake us, lest it be that we are given the opportunity to stand up and show the love. Perhaps in this case the stranger was as blessed by helping as my son was by being cared for.

Thank You Baby


I breate others
I breate others | Source

Just A Little Hope

There is this space of love for each other that shows through in times of evil. A place where our light shines the brightest. And that bright light leads us to higher heights. My wife and I have already planned the dinner feast for the helpful man. So shall it be. What a celebration it will be.

The property damage will be a financial issue. That seems correct. A new car will be in order. Heck she needed a new car anyway. The tow truck driver was really cool. They call him Bravo and he did a tour in Afghanistan. Our thanks that he is home safe. A good man who brought my child and wife home safely along with the car. Thanks to Bravo. He once again answered the call of duty.

My wife works in retail and today is black Friday so as she says “My team needs me” and we are super blessed that we have two cars and she can take mine tomorrow. Life tosses curve balls. But it also knocks balls out of the park.

It also got me to wondering what a single mom with two little children would do in such a mess. And assume not a working extended family relationship and a hard core estranged ex-husband. No church type community to reach out to. And credit cards maxed out to the limit. So not even someone to take her and the kids to the doctor.

So then you say just how blessed we are. And for our faith we have Jesus. We believe the Holy Trinity watches over us and so no hope is lost. And it means a total home day for my son and I on Friday. And wow he will get extra electronic screen time so he does not exert his muscles too much.

Now I worry about my wife getting muscle tension if she is on her feet all day. But she is literally 2 minutes from a doctor on the military base where she works. I am not a “texting” fan but we have that to check up every couple of hours and so not to worry in either direction.

Look At The Little Ones

Not always our call to make.
Not always our call to make. | Source

Let The Little Ones Lead in Love

My Wife Nodded

We have the best set up. And we give thanks for it.

One of the hardest things is that I am a “car slob”. I will have to get out there and clean my car up real nice to her specifications.

And then you have that rain that contributed to the accident. Boy oh boy do we need the rain. We have more water stored up for gardening than we can use and our reservoirs will be filled up. What a blessing that is.

Due to the trauma 3 family group hugs were called for just to reassure and give thanks. And because of the waiting room time waiting for mom, my son and I watched most of the movie “Grease” together and he had so many questions and I did some dance moves with Travolta that he laughed too hard at. Do not worry I picked up ice cream last night. And we have dark chocolate that helps with the healing, through happy. We will have to watch some stupid kid movie today. But that means I get to catch up on my reading while pretending to watch. (Sorry but today it will be the United States Constitution and so boring to most ;-)

This also calls for long hot baths. OK I will do mine as a pulsating shower to relieve some stress in muscles caused by the stress of worrying. OK again as I replaced my broken water heater with the strongest there is and we can both bath up at the same time, because we have two shower/bathtubs. Well there is another thing to be giving thanks for.

Now how will we deal with the rain today as the boy should not be running around in it? In it like we do out here in the desert? Life is tough I will have to invent a new game with stretching easy style. And I will need that heating pad to warm him up right away. And I will have to dry off our clothes in our elite dryer. Do I have things to give thanks for?

Well let us wrap this thing up with some thought. How does a bad thing turn into a good thing? I don’t know but I know it often does. All my stuff turns into a benefit. I would rather not have all my “stuff”. But there you are, my stuff creates a safety net for mad and bad turns. It is a crazy world out there.


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