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Aftermath of Abortion

Updated on June 14, 2016

What about your view?

So, abortion. This prejudiced idea of killing a baby. I cannot say it's right and I cannot say it's wrong, even though I have strong views on this matter. I think you will learn my views throughout this page.

If you are pro-life please consider what I am about to say. Do you think this poor knocked up woman has a life aim to kill her baby? No. She does not. This is not a choice for her. I mean it is but if she has realistic views and knows what's right for her and her baby then who are you or who would I be to stop her?

If you are pro-choice do you ever wonder if you are wrong to be so open-minded? That baby could be the new Obama. On the other hand... it could be the new Hitler?

Facts and figures worth considering

The thing about abortion is that people change their mind very quickly when they are in the position that so many think they never will be in.

- 30% of women have an abortion at some point in their lives.

- Most aborted babies are aborted before 9 weeks of age (barely a foetus).

- 70,000 women die each year from having abortions.

- Almost ½ of abortions annually are illegal.

- Annually, there are about 180,000 abortions in the Uk alone.

- The most popular age group for abortions is 20-24. Do you think it's a better idea to have a baby so young or have an abortion?

Your turn

We want to know what you think! Put yourself in somebody elses shoes.

You have no money and got knocked up or even worse, raped. Pregnant and unemployed what do you resort to? Being a 'good' human being by having the baby or by sparing it a difficult upbringing?

Think about your daughter/sister/niece. If they were 20-24 years old and a simple error occurred. What's your answer?

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

So, time to pick your side!

See results

Nobody tells! Shhhh

Yes, no, maybe?

Whether you say yes, say no or say maybe the outcome will be no different.

A woman is going to have a baby. That will change her life forever. If there's a little law, that's not going to change her mind. She will do it one way or another. She might get to the UK to do it or she might shove a coat hanger up her hoo-haa. Either way it'll be done if it needs to be done. Trust the woman. She knows what is best for her and her baby. No woman wants to kill he baby without just cause! It haunts them for the rest of their lives, trust me!

Abortion Statistics

Prochoice Before Abortion
Prolife Before Abortion
For 2015, here is a table of stats to represent abortion. It shows how many of our 100 sample women were in each category. First category was age group and next was what their abortion views were prior to their abortion (before they were dumped in th

Modern, open-minded, cool

You cannot claim to live the modern life with an open-minded outlook and cool vibe if you deny women such a basic right in this day and age!


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