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All about Naturopathy and what to expect when you consult a Naturopath

Updated on December 9, 2012

All about Naturopathy and what to expect when you consult a naturopath

  • All about Naturopathy and what to expect when you consult a naturopath. Naturopathy, naturopathy, naturopathy, have you heard of that word before ? Maybe not the word naturopathy, but the other meaning of it -- natural or alternative way of healing. Sometimes it is also called traditional method of healing. In the modern world in which we live in today people's lifestyle, poor diet, too much stress plus the effect of environmental pollution takes a toll in the degradation of health of the people. More and more people are resorting to a natural way of healing and overall health which comprised the holistic principle which sees humankind as whole system of body mind and spirit. Naturopath are trained practitioner who uses the said principles stated above.
  • The growing number of people adhering of natural way of medicine is increasing. At times this is the last resort after all else fail. People are finally realizing that the best way to a healthier life is to have a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, exercise and stress free you. It is common sense and I know this is not the first time you heard these things, but it is really worth the repeat. In essence this is how naturopathy works -- curing diseases and preventing them in a natural way of looking at humans in holistic view. A naturopath will guide you in the natural way of healing using a range of alternative methods of diagnosis like diet regimen, herbal remedies or even acupuncture or a combination of both.

Naturopathy utilized natural healing such as herbal remedies
Naturopathy utilized natural healing such as herbal remedies

The main objectives of this article are :

  • to discuss all about naturopathy,
  • what to expect when you consult a naturopath, what naturopath does, where to avail services as well and the necessary things needed to know when you consult a naturopath.
  • I will discuss in brief whether consultation with a naturopath is covered by insurance or not.


A naturopath examining a patient
A naturopath examining a patient

What is Naturopathy?

  • The word “Naturopathy” was taken from the Greek word “naturae,” meaning natural or innate, and “pathos,” meaning suffering, to emphasize the fact that the body has a natural innate ability to heal itself and overcome the symptoms of suffering.
  • Naturopathy is also known as natural medicine that focus on natural remedies and the body's normal and natural abilities to heal itself. The philosophy of naturopathic medicine is that it treats the humans as a holistic being. Naturopathy comprises many different treatment modalities of varying degrees of acceptance by the medical community; diet and lifestyle advice may be substantially similar to that offered by non-naturopaths, and acupuncture may help reduce pain in some cases.

Diet is a big part of naturopathic therapy
Diet is a big part of naturopathic therapy

Application Of Naturopathy Treatments

  • Naturopath is treating a patient, she will not look at the individual conditions that the patient may have or consider a particular treatment separately.
  • Naturopath will approach the patient as a whole person and treat that whole, with all the health factors that apply to the person.
  • Naturopath look into the complete lifestyle of her patient and treat the patient, rather than the illness. Naturopathy considers all the relevant elements of the disease and the lifestyle of a person which includes their thought patterns, sleep patterns, sexual behavior, nutrition, personal conduct and emotional composition.
  • An important element of the practice of naturopathy is bringing inspiration to others, and encouraging people to take responsibility for their everyday health, and to find confidence in the human body’s innate abilities to cure to cure itself,
  • In short these are the necessary prinicples abide by naturopaths in curing disease the narural way.

What to expect when you go for check up:

  • The naturopath or trained practitioner will ask you about your medical history, lifestyle, smoking habit, sleeping patterns, diet, or if have other sickness, plus the environment you are exposed to. On the basis of these, he will prescribe a diet regimen for you, sometimes he may also require acupuncture/acupressure, herbal so it is a combination of different natural ways of healing.
  • Check up and treatment under a naturopath is usually available everywhere as described under the section naturopaths and they also are included in insurance claims.


Naturopathy healing is base in natural method
Naturopathy healing is base in natural method
Maasage is part of naturopathy
Maasage is part of naturopathy

Naturopathy and the use of it is guided by a naturopath or trained practitioner in naturopathy

Naturopath and where to locate them

  • A Naturopath is said to be practising in hospitals, spas, research, health care, administration, and clinics.One can find a Naturopath in a nutritional and family consultancy and also in a beauty clinic. They also specialize i.e, infertility, skin problems, sports, children, or geriatrics is possible.
  • A naturopath can often successfully pin-point a predisposition in the body, before the onset of acute disease, and treat the patient with specific therapies and changes in the patient’s lifestyle.
  • In every country the laws are varied pertaining to licensing and training, It is readily available in the US, Canada, UK, Australian and India. In some parts of Asia it is the main form of healing like in China.


Naturopathic Physicians have a guiding principle stated as follows:

  1. It is nature that is the real healer - not doctors, drugs or surgery plus the nature cures through the body’s inherent healing mechanisms. The body's inherent mechanism can maintain and restore phenomenal health and naturopathic physicians seek to support and enhance these natural healing systems by using medicines and techniques that work in harmony with body and are free of harmful side-effects.
  2. Find the Cause -- Naturopaths agree that underlying causes of disease must be discovered and treated before a person can recover completely from illness. Each every illness has a cause -- often in aspects of the lifestyle, diet or habits of the individual. Naturopathic Physicians are trained to find and remove the underlying cause of a disease and symptoms are expressions of the body’s attempt to heal, they are not the cause of disease and therefore should not be suppressed by treatment.
  3. Treat the Whole Person Holistic approach not treating only one aspect of the persons health is very important. Health or disease comes from a complex interaction of physical, mental, emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and other factors. Naturopathic physicians treat the whole person, taking all of these factors into account. This is the essence of General practice - Family medicine. Naturopathic physicians can usually find the underlying cause of disease because they are trained to look at the whole person and the intricacies and interrelationships of every system of the whole person.
  4. Doctor as Teacher and they are equal in standing with the patient - The relationshop betwwen a patient and a doctos ir equal in nature. Doctor means teacher. Naturopathic physicians believe this is true and they treat patients as equals, but recognize their responsibility to share their knowledge with their patients. "A principle objective of naturopathic medicine is to teach the patient about the cause and cure of disease on all levels, emphasizing prevention and self-responsibility. Naturopathic Physicians recognize the great importance of the partnership of the doctor and patient in achieving optimal health."



Naturopathy or the natural way of healing in the form of diet regimen, combined with traditional method of healing like herbal treatments, acupuncture or acupressure or other forms of holistic healing is worth our time, money and effort as it caters to a more natural way of treating diseases and prevention of it. The principles involved in naturopathy is not difficult to digest and understand. Naturopaths cater to these basic principles of holistic healing. Natural way of medicine has been proven to be effective alternative way to take care of our health, not in scientific way but by the many people who attested to the effectiveness of the naturopathy. It has been proven to be effective by the fact that it is used more than 5000 years now. Naturopaths or trained practitioner are available to assist us in achieving the best health we can have. There is nothing like living naturally.



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