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Anger and Passion

Updated on August 27, 2013

When I was a child I was made to practice piano. Most kids don't do well when they are being disciplined. I was no exception. One day I really didn't feel the need to practice. I had practiced the day before. I really needed a break, I thought. When I was made to do it again, I got angry. In spite of this, I played the piece beautifully. Why? Because the anger I felt was fueled into the task. Anger and passion can be confused with each other because they are both strong emotions. It is good to have passion and use passion. Many artists are passionate or have a love for their work. Anger though is detrimental. My focus today is on anger and passion and what they cause us to do.


Anger is a strong negative feeling toward unhappy situations. This is different from passion in that it causes one to act selfishly. 'I am angry because you didn't do whatever'. Passion is used to create a happier atmosphere and to share joy or beauty with others.

Anger gives one the ability to go forward and change situations for the better. You must first recognize that you are upset about a situation. You then should find ways to deal with what is happening.

When you are in anger, you are in high alert physically. This is no surprise. An increased heart rate and a heightened sense of being 'out of control' is felt. This causes us to be mostly negative. If we live this way all the time we cause harm to ourselves and others.

What to do with the Negative?

One can always pretend things are okay. Why go around in constant upset about things you can do nothing about? Dealing with pain takes us to another level. Only then can we leave it behind. Are you upset? Then say so even if it's only to yourself. Correct the problem if you can. Next be thankful. This is how one rejoices in trials. Choose to have a good attitude. I am never thankful for hard times, but I enjoy having friends around to enjoy life in spite of the hard times. This is helpful when life 'gets you down'

Some of us have the attitude of, "Why should I worry about this?" "I can't do anything about it anyway". This is not a bad attitude to have. Saying this statement can help us to put things into perspective in order to deal with unpleasant situations better. This person has reserved a time to feel what ever emotions he or she feels at the moment. At some point this person will let go of the emotion of anger and resume life in a less stressful state.

Being able to express why you are angry at a situation or person is most helpful in dealing with anger. It's a sign of respect when some one listens to your side of things and you listen to their side. This is best done when both parties are calmer unless you are the person who happens to have the gift of remaining calm and calming others at the same time. Taking time to practice self control may enable many of us to possess this gift. Withdrawing from a situation where anger can be felt allows you to act more positively. Do this by walking away from a situation or counting to 10. Rectify situations after a cooling off period.

Anger A Selfish Attitude

If you live constantly in anger, you are heading for disaster. Excessive anger may be more responsible for causing someone's death than heart attacks and strokes. On that note, taking a walk or doing some other exercise will help us to calm down in order to diffuse or settle angry feelings. Make it a daily habit to deal with stress better. Realize something is wrong if you are constantly stressing. An unresolved issue needs to be taken care of. If you can't change a situation, then change your reaction to it. This is best. It's important to maintain good emotional health.

Everything in life is not about you and how you are being treated. You live in this world with others. Mostly, anger is a selfish response. In other words' I am angry at you because you got angry at me first'. Live your life positively.

Become more passionate

Passion A Giving Attitude

What is passion? Passion is the energy to perform a task that causes a change for the good. This energy is what makes people do the things they love. Passion is more about giving. A lot of us give to others, perform our jobs or create art projects because of passion. The joy of sharing with others brings better health to you and to the world. The world generally responds positively to good people. Giving is the proper response of the passionate person. What a person gives can benefit others. Focusing on self and dwelling on the negative can very easily lead to despair

When you are passionate about something. The passion becomes the fuel that's needed to enable you to produce positive things. These things manifest differently. Here are just three examples of desires that can inspire us to make the world better. 1. A sudden inspiration to produce an art or musical masterpiece. 2. A strong desire to make a change in something for the better. 3. A never ending devotion to a life changing cause. These things can enable us to give in order to benefit others. Don't be ashamed to give outward expressions of your inner gift. You may change someone's life, and in the process change your own. There is no substitute for passion.

Passion is Beautiful


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