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Being Grateful is the Key

Updated on May 30, 2017

Wake Up Happy!

Are you someone who does not wake up on the "right side of the bed"?

First off I must say that the right alarm clock is the key. If you are waking up to an annoying beep or buzzing sound, this will set you off in a foul mood. Get yourself a new alarm clock that you can record affirmations into. This way you are waking up to your own voice, happy and full of joy at the amazing things you are telling yourself. You deserve waking up everyday to something amazing! I wake up to the sounds of Reverend Ike's saying "Health, Happiness, Love Prosperity and Money!" Some mornings it is my singing a little song I created about wealth. So I sing to myself! Ha ha! It is something fun and sometimes I sing with myself! It puts me in a good mood to be silly first thing in the morning.

The birds wake up singing, why not me?

Second, make sure you utilize this time to look at your dreams. Analyze what you remember. Write down your dreams that are significant. Be aware that the last dreams of the night are called Venting Dreams and you will be venting out negative stuff that you no longer need in your subconscious mind. Do not dwell on these dreams but rather, be grateful that they are helping you vent out the garbage in your head to make room for the beauty that lies around the corner.

Third, Make a list to read to yourself or just mentally go over the top 10 things you are grateful for in your life. My list changes daily but looks something like this: I am grateful for my children, my health, my car, my body, my best girl friend, my best guy friend, my connection to God, aspirin (seriously!), living in the US where I can be do or have anything I want, my brain and ability to think.

Your list will no doubt be different as we are all unique.

If you do these three simple things, you will start to wake up happy in the morning!

Beauty Inspires Gratitude...

Gorgeous flowers, beauty, inexpensive prices truly inspired me in Antigua, Guatemala!
Gorgeous flowers, beauty, inexpensive prices truly inspired me in Antigua, Guatemala! | Source

Live Your Day Being Grateful!

As you go through your day it is extremely important to be happy now.  This is so simple yet people forget this tiny thing.

I make it a point to exercise an attitude of gratitude daily with every little thing that occurs.

For example: I walk outside to my car and it is cold.  Instead of cursing the cold, I am grateful I can feel the cold on my body.  I am also grateful that I own a coat as some people do not.  Also I am grateful I have my legs and that they can walk.  And lastly, I am grateful that I have a car to drive and that I have somewhere to be, that people are expecting me and that I am important in some small way, even if it is just to drive my children to their school.  I am grateful to the people teaching my children and grateful I have children and that they are healthy and happy and learning a lot.

If you can take every negative thing and turn it around to a state of grace and gratitude, your life will change in a heartbeat.

If you get cut off in traffic, be grateful that you have a car and grateful that you did NOT get hit by that car, that your Higher Self, or God or the Universe (or however you believe) kept you safe.  Be grateful that you have an opportunity to forgive that person and love them, as they must truly need it.  I wave at people that do stupid things in traffic and I smile at them.  I forgive them mentally and send love their way.  Maybe this helps them in a small way? Maybe it does nothing for them at all?  But it does help me and my attitude, which is key to my personal happiness, right?

If you get sick, be grateful we live in an industrialized society where we can buy cold medicine (or whiskey --lol) to help us feel better.  Be grateful there are people there, doctors and nurses, that are willing to help you.  Be grateful for the experience of giving them an opportunity to be of service.  Be grateful for the people who also get to be of service to pray for you, in the event that your illness is dire.  Be grateful for the experience of being human and having a frail body so you can understand to a greater extent that you are a SOUL after all, a spirit having a human experience. That you are greater than your body, greater than you can ever imagine.  And be grateful when you get well again, the polar opposites in this world (ie, sickness and wellness, darkness and light) help us to understand what we prefer and what we need to focus on.

As you end your day and have to cook, be grateful you have food as 75% of the world's population goes to bed hungry each night, and be grateful for your dishes, your table to eat on, your ability to clean up after yourself, and be grateful that you have dishes to clean. Whatever you have, be grateful for this!

Put your focus on gratitude every single day and you will become a happy person, full of life and light.

Remember that every single thing in your life, even the tiniest things, are an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth and an opportunity to feel grateful on a deep level.

Find that deeper meaning, that deeper feeling of gratitude daily and you will be a happier person overall!  And much more successful in your life too as a direct result.

When a Dog Smiles at You...

Your gratitude can last all day!  Especially when you realize that dog spelled backwards is God! ;)
Your gratitude can last all day! Especially when you realize that dog spelled backwards is God! ;) | Source

Go to Bed Happy!

Lastly, it is important that you go to bed in a positive state of mind, as this will also affect how you wake up in the morning.

This is what I teach my children:  Say your prayers for your family, yourself, your friends and finally the world.  THEN focus on what you desire in your life and being each statement with the words  "I AM".

It goes something like this:

"I AM beautiful." "I AM smart" "I AM happy." "I AM healthy." "I AM whole." "I AM grateful to be the owner of a gorgeous mansion!" "I AM happy that I have a new car." "I AM happy and grateful that the love of my life is coming my way and falling in love with me too." "I AM grateful that my body is getting into shape." "I AM thrilled that I have more money than I need and life is easy now!"

You get the picture.  My kids say things like "I AM grateful for my new Nintendo DS!"

No matter what you say, make sure you are programming your mind for success and prosperity on all levels.  True wealth is way more than money and the faster you are grateful for every little thing and the faster you are transforming the negativity in your life, the faster you are becoming the person your really want to be living the life you want to enjoy living.

Turn all of your worries over to the Universe, God, your Guardian Angels, or whatever higher power you wish.  STOP worrying, and START transforming.

Remember, continuously living an attitude of gratitude is key to your happiness!

This Mermaid Girl wishes for you a brighter future, happiness, peace, love, prosperity on all levels!

Bright Blessings to you all!  Thank you for reading! =D

Attitude of Gratitude!

What are you MOST grateful for, in this moment?

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