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Bender Ball Stability Ball Workout

Updated on January 18, 2011
Buy Bender Ball
Buy Bender Ball

Bender Ball Stability Ball Workouts

The Bender Ball is another As Seen On TV fitness product which promises a great stability ball workouts. Let's face it, all of these as seen on TV products can't possibly work or, well, there wouldn't need to be any more. I mean at least the fitness ones.

With so many As Seen On TV workouts out there, which ones work or which ones do things we can't get in the gym? The answer is who knows? Take Bender Ball for instance. The commercial looks great and the stability ball workouts make a lot of sense. If you read bender ball reviews online they seem to be pretty positive so the only way to truly know if the Bender Ball works is to try it out.

Now I'm an As Seen on TV product addict and I get what I can in stores and even buy online from trusted sites. I love to try them out and believe it or not I hope none of them work because I love to rag on these stupid things in my hubs. However, truth be told, most are good for at least something and many deliver on the promises in their ads.

I did buy Bender Ball online and my theory was this. No one ab workout product is going to be the end all and get me in great shape, but something as simple and inexpensive as the bender ball could be a great addition to my ab workout (which I hate doing).

Trainers and Pro Athletes are always saying you need to switch up your stability ball routines and target new areas so the little bender ball was appealing for lots of different reasons. My favorite ab workout machine so far has been the Ab Circle Pro because it's easy to use. Ab Workouts are hard and I for one, hate doing them. But Ab Circle Pro began to make me realize that you don't have to do a lot or expend a ton of energy to get a great ab workout. On thing I learned from Ab Circle is that it is just a small part of an overall workout routine so adding the Bender Ball would make sense.

Watch the Bender Ball Commercial below and you'll see why I thought stability ball workouts made sense to incorporate.

Bender Ball Commercial

Bender Ball Reviews

So here's why the Bender Ball Commercial made sense to me. It shows us how such a simple product that just changes the form of ab crunches or sit ups can make a difference. Most successful techniques I've used for positive results in my workouts were just small changes which affected the way a targeted certain muscle groups.

With Bender Ball we focus on our core and they call this Bender Method Core Training and it effectively increases the range of motion we have when we work our abs. The other cool thing is that stability ball workouts not only attack our upper abs, lower abs and obliques, it will strengthen the muscles which we need for posture and balance. Forget about getting a six pack for a moment and understand that since this little Bender Ball is not stationary, our lower back muscles must work in conjunction with our hip muscles and leg muscles in order to keep us from flopping over.

From a basic health standpoint, this is a remarkable benefit for anyone. We need to develop a strong core in order to make it through our day as we age. After integrating the bender ball into my ab workouts I noticed a huge difference in how I felt when I stood up for long periods, took long walks and even slept. I felt stronger. I don't want to discount any other ab machine that targets the core muscle groups, or say that ab machines in the gym are bunk but the bender ball is just this tiny little thing you can roll around on while you're watching TV.

Doing Bender Ball Reviews is easy because all you have to do was follow along with Leslie Bender's video and go at my own pace. I was surprised when I got the video because it never occurred to me that the product was named after Leslie Bender, I just thought it was called Bender Ball because we bend around on it. But Leslie explains everything and with just a little practice you can work into perfect form during your exercises.

I don't think you can go wrong by including the Bender Ball exercises, or any stability ball workouts for that matter, in your routine. It's a pretty easy workout and allows you to target your core muscle group easier than those large ab machines as the gym. I will not say that the Bender Ball is the only thing you need in order to get rock hard abs. I still love my ab circle pro and I'm going to order the belly burner as well. My point is that if you combine different elements and create a better overall workout with lots of different ways to attack your problem areas, you will succeed.

Bender Ball Workout

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Bender Ball ExercisesBender Ball WorkoutBender Ball CommercialBender Ball WorksBender Ball Ab Workout
Bender Ball Exercises
Bender Ball Exercises
Bender Ball Workout
Bender Ball Workout
Bender Ball Commercial
Bender Ball Commercial
Bender Ball Works
Bender Ball Works
Bender Ball Ab Workout
Bender Ball Ab Workout

Bender Ball In Stores

So if you've read Bender Ball Reviews, watched the commercial and want to buy Bender Ball, then how do you do it. Is Bender Ball in Stores? Well, I'm not sure if it's in stores. I haven't seen this one in the usual as seen on TV stores and I bought mine online.

If you can find Bender Ball in stores you will not get the same deal being offered online. There will be no "But Wait There's More". So if you do find it in stores you will probably get a deal on a single Bender Ball with no perks. That's not a bad thing because I myself don't usually use any of the bonus stuff that arrives with my As Seen on TV products but they are kind of fun to get and then lose around the house.

If you can't find the Bender Ball Ab Workout in stores then looking for various offers online is the way to go. Here's the standard deal going around now with some of the upgrades and bonuses being offered:

  • Get the Bender Ball Method fast for just $9.95 plus S&H. Each kit includes The Bender Ball, The Bender Method Manual, and Leslee Bender’s Amazing Video, The Bender Method of Core Training. Plus receive a free bonus gift, a Buns & Thigh video!
  • Get Leslee Bender’s risk free DVD preview program, designed to keep your workouts fresh! Starting in 30 days, receive two new DVD workouts at a special reserved price of $19.99 per month + $6.95 S&H.
  • Try Essential Boost fat burning supplement for free and maximize results. Receive a free 30-day supply and pay only $6.99 in S&H. Order now and receive a free Fat Burning Cardio DVD.
  • Get the Bender DVD Library at a 50% discount! For only $9.99 each + $3.99 S&H, get Leslee’s other three Bender Balls workouts: Pilates, Body Sculpting, and Advanced Core Workout and add variety and fun to your routine!
  • For only $9.99 + $3.99 S&H, get the Gliding Ultimate Buns & Legs Workout, a package of three DVD amazing workouts that help you slim your thighs and sculpt beautiful buns!

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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Which would you recommend the bender ball or the balance ball? The bender ball appears easier to manage with its size.

    • NuWave Oven profile image

      NuWave Oven 

      8 years ago

      Seems to me you could use any stability ball and the actual workout instructions is what you would need.


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