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Reverse Aging Process

Updated on December 29, 2012

This is a competitive world and man desires to live longer and stay younger so that he can indulge himself with the many techy gadgets and still have time to complete his bucket list.

So much to do in such little time! Now only if we could add 10 years to our life.

The latest trend is to put AGE in a REVERSE gear. When he turns 30 (calculating from the year he is born) his mindset is; that he has turned 20 years old. He has gained a grace of 10 years and that sure is remarkable. For 10 years can make any person RE-live the moments he cherished or try to gain on those minutes that he wasted idling around.

Forget the technology, it's the mindset that man has adapted to subtracting 10 years of his age from his actual year of birth.

Is'nt Man amazing!

What are the Benefits?

This new stage of life is a good thing. Man gets an advantage of trying out many possible paths and also the freedom to have experiences he did not have. By age 30, man usually takes on the role of young adulthood such as a stable job, marriage followed by parenthood. But, by using the new mantra; he can pause on the above rituals of life and celebrate the emerging adulthood a few more years than expected.

Does celebration of life matter?

Yes, if a responsible adult can pause and extend his celebration; it will give him the energy, vitality, optimism for life.

Is that essential?

Life is not easy and there is no harm in delaying taking upon the responsibilities of life. This avoids stress upon an individual, which could eventually lead to midlife crisis.

An individual taking additional years to take upon the accountability of his actions can help him search for his goal/dream of his life and that will give him plenty of time to come to terms IF his goals are not met/accomplished. Avoiding a sense of remorse can take him miles on this journey of life. This will also make him confident amongst his more successful friends and make him be at peace within himself since; he got plenty of time to re-try his dream/goal.

Ponder upon

Life is not about fulfilling the rituals on a timely basis.

Life is meant to be lived on one's own terms. This leads to fulfillment and that makes an individual realize the contentment within himself, which leads to a good appetite towards life.

World is getting so competitive that an individual ought to take a back seat now and then and let people pass by him. Eventually, life will make these assiduous people go into midlife crisis, where they will pause and reflect on their accomplishments and be their own judges.

Enjoying and putting life into perspective, while putting 10 years behind can make a whole lot of difference. Thus, the mantra of Turning 30 is the new 20.


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