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Benefits of Drinking Hot Water in the Morning

Updated on August 23, 2011

Is it better to drink warm water in the morning?

I'm not really sure about the scientific or technical aspect of it and I will just be expressing my thoughts and reflections based on my experience.

One thing I noticed is that I can drink more quantities of water if it is heated compared to when it is cold. I noticed I can drink up to 1 and half to 2 glasses only when it's cold but when it's hot (what I mean by this is warm of course not the type that will burn your tongue), I can drink way more than that. Also, many times when I drink hot/warm water it makes me sweat which is also a very good thing, much like a form of detoxification in a way.

We are warm blooded after all. Also, 2/3 of our body is made up of water. Heat also represents energy. So it does make a lot of sense when you think about those facts and how it relates to what I'm talking about right now.

I've always preferred hot water compared to cold (except of course when the weather is very hot). When showering, I prefer to use the electric shower water heater. It's such a manifestation of so many concepts we know like energy, balance, harmony and relaxation.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water
Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking Hot Water Benefits

I have a problem with forming kidney stones and many months ago I had to go through a shock wave therapy. I'm really required to drink lots and lots of water especially because of the medicine I take like Acalka.

I actually just woke up and although it isn't morning anymore I still felt the benefits that I've been talking about. So I guess it's really more of drinking hot water when you just woke up.

Actually, come to think of it, it doesn't matter if it's morning, afternoon, or night or whether you just woke up or not. Hot water can help drastically in digestion. This is why it's healthy to drink hot tea after meals, I think. Plus, if you ate fatty foods, drinking cold water can turn the fats into saturated fat very quickly and can be very bad for your health.

Some people would also add lemon on the hot water. I saw a lot of online articles talking about the benefits of adding lemon to your hot water. Aside from the benefits of Vitamin C, it also has a lot of therapeutic effects and can be used as alternative supplement/medicine to a variety of conditions/diseases.

A song I'm listening to right now that has nothing to do with the benefits of drinking hot water

Hot Water, Benefits of Drinking
Hot Water, Benefits of Drinking

What are the benefits of drinking warm water?

As I've said, it's nothing scientific but more of just a recommendation that you should try out. I've really been having a habit of drinking hot/warmer drinks recently. It feels much healthier and it is very relaxing.

I've been missing out on the HubPages 30-day Challenge and so I decided to write about something I just did right now. I guess that's an advantage of not having to answer to anyone. Also, it has been very effective in motivating me to write more which is always a good thing. Although I haven't been increasing the views, I've been focusing on quality as many have advised. Plus, the most important aspect is that I am able to get backlinks. Although proponents of Google Panda will say that the search engine is now more discerning when it comes to backlinks, it is undeniable that it is still one of the main aspects of how Google's PageRank works.


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    • profile image

      From Taiwan 6 years ago

      I like your essay, i always drink warm water when i get up in the morning. (thats have countless benefits)

      but i seldom do that when i came to US, its hard to me cuz here dont have machine with hot water.

    • dvdpro profile image

      dvdpro 6 years ago from Studio City

      Thanks for this terrific blog. I learned from it and will apply some of the data. Kudos!