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Benefits of Using Stress Relief Ball

Updated on January 7, 2017


A stress ball is a palm-sized ball that you squeeze over and over again to relieve stress and strengthen forearm and hand muscles. It comes in different sizes and shapes but typically round. Stress balls can be filled with beans, seeds, sand, rubber, gel, or other non-toxic squeezable materials. Health organizations and fitness professionals recommend the use of stress ball because it has many therapeutic and health benefits. For instance, people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or muscle weakness related to stroke can benefit from using stress ball to strengthen their forearm and hand muscles simply by squeezing the ball. Squeezing and releasing improves blood flow to the hand and rejuvenates tired hand after a stressful day.

Gel Squeeze Ball
Gel Squeeze Ball | Source

Stress ball is also used by teachers and therapists with kids suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder to focus their attention. It provides the basic sensory input to allow the brain to better focus. Even for people who typically have hectic days or always using the hands like typing on computer keyboard, stress balls can provide a calming effect and relieves the stress off your hands. The good thing about using the stress ball is that there is no side effect and you can take them anywhere. It can be used by individuals in any age group. It is also very cheap. You can get a good stress ball with less than $5.

I bought my stress ball because I wanted to strengthen my grip for pull-up exercise and other weight lifting routine. It is a cyber gel squeeze ball and I am very happy with the texture of the gel I can’t get my hands off of it. It actually worked like a charm.

So squeeze away your stress and frustration! Get yourself a stress ball.


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