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When to Use Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

Updated on September 17, 2017

A weak grip can limit a person’s weight lifting capacity because your hands and forearms can’t hold heavier weights even if the rest of your body can do more, therefore you can’t increase your strength. And even though the muscle group that you are training can still make more reps but your grip is giving up then you are limited to your progress. Pushing yourself for more reps with a weak grip can only lead to potential risk of injuries. So you either need to train for a stronger grip or use a weight lifting wrist straps for improved grip strength. It's kinda like the chicken and the egg... you can't increase your strength and gain size because your grip can't lift heavier weights or do more reps. You can do both at the same time... while training your forearms and grips to be stronger, you can use weight lifting wrist straps to push yourself to the limit until such time that you no longer need to use lifting straps. And even if you already have a strong grip, it wouldn't hurt to use wrist straps for safety.

Weight Lifting Wrist Straps
Weight Lifting Wrist Straps | Source

Some people would rather wait for their grip strength to get stronger before they continue progressing with their exercises. But why wait when you can continue progressing with your lifts while you work on your grip strength at the same time? And you can do this using a weight lifting wrist straps. With wrist straps, you can focus more on the muscle group that you are training rather than think more of how you can hold on to the bar when your grip starts failing. If your grip fails first before you have fully worked on the intended muscle group then your progress is severely limited.

A good set of weight lifting wrist straps only cost around $10 and will last for lifetime. It will help you a lot in heavy weight exercises like barbell dead lifts, barbell back squats, weighted pull ups or chin ups, or barbell upright rows. When choosing wrist straps, it is important to get a pair that has pads for the wrist for protection and rubber grip that won't slip for your safety. Make sure the material is durable and has adjustable sizing to better fit your wrists. Use a wrist straps but continue to train your grips and forearms. You can train your grips and forearms to be stronger during your free time with the use of squeeze ball as well as grip training equipment. There are also a lot of exercises that strengthens grip that you can do everyday even outside the gym. If you are the athletic type, there are sports out there that can help develop your grip and forearms strength like tennis, badminton, or wall climbing. Probably one of the most effective is just hanging on a bar for a period of time or until fatigue sets in. A pull up bar that install on your door is actually a good investment to strengthen your wrist grip and forearms.

Door Pull up bar
Door Pull up bar

Using a good wrist straps can help you increase your true potential in your strength training and size gains. Get those target muscle group their most deserved workout without worrying of your grips failing first to achieve more strength and size gains. Keep pushing and remember that no strong men have a weak grip. You are only as strong as your forearms so keep training those hands and forearms as well.


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      Ndhiie 2 years ago

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      Dilly 2 years ago

      I can already tell that's gonna be super hefplul.