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The Best New Bodybuilding Supplements Available

Updated on March 9, 2015

Almost every person who has tried to build muscle mass has used a supplement at one point or another. Whether it be to help add muscle mass, boost protein intake, or burn fat, there are supplements on the market to suit almost any need. For many bodybuilders, however, knowing which supplement is right for them and where to get it at a good price has long been more difficult than it should be.

For years, many supplements have only been used by people planning to gain mass or create definition. Today, however, some of these supplements are used by people trying to get a little bit of an edge in weight loss or becoming physically fit. Of course, anyone with a history of heart attack, diabetes mellitus, stroke, bloodclot or other medical conditions should be extra careful about what they intake and should consult with their physician prior to use.

Below, you will find some of the best bodybuilding supplements on the market today, and at great prices. Along with these items, you will find a simple breakdown of what the main types of bodybuilding supplements can do for you and their pros and cons. Along with these explanations, you will also find some illustrations of just what they do in your body.

Gain Muscle Mass With Protein Supplements

Gaining muscle mass with a protein supplement is definitely not a new practice, but it still works. And with some of the improvements in knowledge of how certain proteins are metabolized in the body and how they help muscle production, protein supplements are better than ever. Now it is easier for people planning to put on mass to get the right protein mixture for their body.

These days, the main types of protein supplements are either whey protein or casein protein. The two of these are metabolized differently; the whey is metabolized and used relatively quickly, but the casein is used more slowly by the body. Many of the newer protein supplements use both of these proteins to both give a quick pump and give slow rejuvenation.

There are also some more natural forms of protein, such as egg protein and soy protein, but the most commonly used are the whey, casein or a combination of the two.

Gain Mass And Get Ripped With Hormone Enhancers

Anyone who has tried to gain muscle mass and stay lean at the same time can remember back to when they were a teenager and had a high paced metabolism.  Today there are some great products on the market that can help you regain some of that advantage.  These products help boost both metabolism and natural testosterone production, so you can build great, lean muscle mass while keeping your overall bodyfat percentage low.

Some of these supplements focus primarily on burning fat, and some more on testosterone production, but they both have the same ultimate goal: lean muscle mass with minimal bodyfat. 

Get Ripped And Lose Weight With Fat Burners

Many people use fat burners to keep their bodyfat low while putting on muscle mass or to slim down after going through a bulking phase. Finding the right one is essential, as some contain caffeine and other substances that can make you jittery. These rippers each have several substances in them that do everything from help your body make lean muscle to helping you have more energy to keep your metabolism blasting away. It is much smarter, in my opinion to use a ripper that can help you do multiple things, rather than a pure fat burner with only caffeine to get you hyped up.

Remember, these are not simply for those who are planning to lose weight without exercise. Each of these products are recommended for use alongside an exercise program.


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