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Billybuc AKA Bill Holland; The Writer’s Writer H.O.W.

Updated on April 20, 2020
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Early Morning

Just another great start to a great day.
Just another great start to a great day. | Source


Writers delight in his writing. His writing delights in writers. Bill Holland is a master at leading by example. A teacher extraordinary to writers writing across the globe. On any given Monday he will help people in nearly a dozen countries and many states. Wow! A writer for writing’s sake? Or worthy nobleman whose quill is his scepter? It really does not matter how you cast this writer’s writer other than to say he is our friend Bill Holland.

As an example he told us that if you use numerals instead of spelled out words for numbers you need to be consistent throughout. Fine advice there indeed. Except when that suggestion needs to be broken. The lesson for so many of us was more about breaking the “rules” than about following them.

That by example leadership. I learned from Bill that you can break the literary/grammatical rules but you danged well better make sure you know them well enough to know you are breaking them. I.e. no breaking rules unless you know what they are, otherwise it is sloppy and ignorance. You know Bill would never say something so crass to another writer. He leads us to make our own determinations. Perhaps a kind of motto is “say what you mean, let others do as they do”.

Bill seems to live by a creed much like the golden rule. If you cannot do it lovingly don’t do it. He has a strange vocational list. Love first, Family equal, Writing and farm. Clearly you will say that Love and Family are not vocations. That is to misapply the meaning. Bill gets up in the morning and dedicates his time and effort there. Without fail. He gets up and suits up and boots up and applies himself to love and family. That is a pro. His farming is worthy of a spot at the Farmer’s market. His writing is award winning. I would say that he has published novels. But that would miss the point. Bill is publishing novels.

Well now Bill will claim to be a rotgut alcoholic. Yes once one always one. Hey, take it from one who knows it takes a lot of work to drink from sun up to sundown and beyond. Something clicked and he now spends that time plying is God given talents as listed above. Not a workaholic but rather a love-aholic. It exudes from his every pore.


Just 2 Years Old

For 8 years this boy has been influenced by Bill - Love trickles down.
For 8 years this boy has been influenced by Bill - Love trickles down. | Source

Straight Up!

Just a little ditty here,

Up in the morning quick at work

Down in the evening feeling days torque

Another round with the shovel and hoe

Loving hard work making it just so

The past gets us to where we are

If not for our past we would not get far

Life sometimes creates a confluence

We meet a man with great influence

Or is it a great man that influences us

Figure that out never we must

Somethings in life just are so

Bill is one that we all know

Take him for granted every Monday

We just assume come what may

Bill will help guide on our chosen path

Guiding us away from the critic’s wrath

306 on this mid-month of April

To do that is some kind of a will

A legacy of steadfast the ever pro

Guiding us gently which way we shall go

We do not cotton men who are weak

We do not cotton those with mean streak

We do not cotton the tireless bore

In Bill we get none of this but so much more

Hats off to our friend who is so outstanding

Perfect writings he keeps on landing

What is this and what is that? Answer we demand

And he gives them to us like a command

We like excuses to hide from our work

Bill does not do that writing is like a knee jerk

A reaction to a life filled with abundance of experience

Pushing us forward complete with example diligence

Just some last words I will write in prose

Look to the ashes from where Bill arose

Perhaps his greatest gift of all

Is not to worry about the fall

Sometimes I sit to write some stuff

I need a nudge a gentle puff

Bill provides that day in and day out

Much we owe him there is no doubt

This poem is all on Bill. He told me I could write poetry if I tried. And to me Bill never has lied. So I gave it whirl and what a disaster, onto my wall this one will not plaster. But I give a go as Bill would direct, not worrying the slightest if it is correct.

Antidisestablishmentarianism. Convoluted yes and it had to do with an attempt to rid the British isles of Anglican Church authority. The point being that Bill does not do convoluted. He is a shoot from the hip cowboy. By the way, his six gun is loaded with love bullets. Careful lest you get shot like me. A painful death of the ego.

Up At Daybreak

We all view the same moon.
We all view the same moon. | Source


Peace Brother

So we go a little into review. Bill is really not all that he is cracked up to be here on Hubpages. He only has every accolade there is. A mere 1,446 articles and a measly 2,675 followers. I stopped counting but an article of his had over 45 comments – no not views, comments.

Back to being a professional. We all just assume that professional or pro means you get paid for doing something. But that misses so much. Professionalism is a way of life. Since 20012 I cannot remember Bill calling in sick. I cannot remember since 305 issues of the mailbag that Bill missed a Monday publishing deadline which is at 6:30 a.m. sharp. I don’t think I can remember when Bill was not working on a book. Bill has a bent. Born and raised in a hardworking blue collar home, he applies those notions to his writing work.

“How can you be smiling like that when you are working so hard?” That would be a good question for Bill. But to those of us who know him, we know he would look askonced, smile and say. It’s the love baby the love. So many of us, I think all of us can love. We love all kinds of people, places and circumstances. But too few of us can actually stay in a state of love.

Now every day is not the best day for Bill. Knowing him for eight years in a very much every day fashion I can tell you Bill can do snarky. He has done it to me and I remember 2 times (OK the only two times ;-) The first was an article I wrote which was bad satire where I left out the love. He reminded me quickly. And the second was to tell me to stop procrastinating and put my stuff into book form. Well I am working on that, just not with Bill’s professional work ethic.

So Bill on his tough days still provides impetus for me to be a pro. How many others the same.

With us students of Bill’s we are motivated on a constant basis. And with a loving heart. So I looked up the definition of love. And low and behold it started with a picture of Bill. Go figure.

Bill just keeps on developing characters. Us!

// //


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