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Breast Cancer Check-up and Screening for Women

Updated on March 31, 2016

Today young women also high risk to breast cancer. The reason is mutation of congenital gene. The gene only needs once mutation before it changing become breast cancer cell. Therefore, early breast cancer check-up is one of the best steps to observe first phase breast cancer indication. But the problem is many women are afraid of breast cancer check-up.

Breast Cancer Symptoms
Breast Cancer Symptoms | Source

Breast Cancer Myth

Most women are afraid to health check-up and breast cancer. Nevertheless women should aware that if cancer was found in early stage, the treatment and cure is easier and optimal. Other myth or wrong perception is breast cancer needs surgical operation if it already high stadium breast cancer.

The truth is if your cancer can be treatment by surgery, it is mean that cancer cells can be lifted all. Otherwise, without surgery, cancer cells will be metastasis (contagious of cancer cells to other body organ).

Metastasis Cancer Breast

If metastasis occurred, the treatment is by radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery is not always the only treatment if you detected have early stage cancer. There are many new treatments for cancer besides surgical operation. Surgical of breast cancer is not always cut all of breast. In many case, surgery also able to implant and made it as beautiful as it was.

Cancer Check-Up and Screening

Cancer can be cure if it check-up and detected earlier. Women who found lump or pain in breast should need doctor to examine it. Types of early cancer detection are physical examination, mammography, and ultrasonography (USG). Examination is different based on ages: young women who has lump or pain in breast is recommended to do USG. Women above of 35 years old, it is better to do mammography that able to early detecting a tumor before it manifested in the next two years as cancer. For the best result, after mammography did, you can continue with USG. There are some detection which can only got better result by USG and in other side, there are only able to detect by mammography.

Best Time for Screening

For women who check-up for the first time, you will get physical examination or screening with USG. The best time is after 7-10 days of your menstruation clean. At that time, the breast is tender and did not cause pain when it pressed or examined. Women who got menstruation are not recommended to do screening. Considering your risk, women with ages 35-50 years old are suggested to do screening at least once in two years. Above 50 years old, screening is once in year.

Alternative: Cancer Treatment at Home

There are some alternative for cancer like treatment for cancer that you can do at home. Some people do vegetarian diet. Vegetarian is people who only consume vegetable, fruit, and no meat, alcohol, etc. Vegetarian diet gave benefit of lower risk of cancer breast, lose weight,and coronary artery disease.Combine these treatment will help you to reduce the risk and some cure it cancer

Tips: Husband support

Husband should support women who has cancer. Family play important role for women to recover from breast cancer, and that not easy for her. Some people lives with it and they able to survive because of family, friends, and especially husband who has been giving love and empathy. Some women more depressed because her husband did not support her. Husband role and empathy is one of best treatment to fight cancer.


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