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Treatment for Cancer - Fighting Cancer at Home

Updated on March 31, 2016

Medication both modern and chemotherapy are good as treatment for cancer. Whatever the treatment, but the result depend on your effort and attitude toward cancer. You should help your body to increase immune system. First is you should take responsibilities about your body and mind. You are the person who decides: defeat or conquer the cancer. Here tips how to fight and defeat cancer that you can do at home. I hope you getting well soon.

High fiber food is good cancer treatment
High fiber food is good cancer treatment | Source

Lose Weight Treatment

Ideal body weight is one of the best cancer treatment. Overweight or skinny is not good for your health. Overweight person is susceptible to cancer. Otherwise, skinny person with deficient vitamins is also easy infected by virus or disease. Therefore, maintaining the ideal weight is the best to gain healthy and avoid cancer symptom. Diet, exercise, vitamin, and hypnotherapy is best treatments for cancer that you can do at home. High-fat foods and sugar will trigger cancer especially breast cancer for women. Reduce consuming junk food, meat, and oil. Fish is low-fat food that good for you.

Diet Food Treatment

  • High fiber food. Foods which contain high fiber are good to restrain cancer. You will be high risk to cancer if you only consume low fiber foods. Consume 30 gram fibers each day. Vegetables are rich with fiber like cauliflower and broccoli which also contain vitamin C and beta-carotene.
  • Garlic and onion. People who eat garlic and onion each day is rarely suffer from cancer. If you disturbed with it smell/odor, you can buy garlic extract in drug store.
  • Vitamin E and C. People who low risk to cancer usually consume food which contains Vitamin E, C, beta-carotene, and selenium. Body produced free radicals which damaging body cell. Vitamin E and C protects body cell from free radicals.
  • Beta-carotene. Body immune system needs beta-carotene as killer cell. Consume beta-carotene will increase your immune system. Fruits which have yellow-orange color like carrot and sweet potato are rich with beta-carotene. Selenium is mineral which found in Tuna fish, wheat, and sunflower seeds.

Maitake mushroom for cancer treatment
Maitake mushroom for cancer treatment
  • Echinacea tea. Herbal Echinacea tea also stimulates body immune system. But drink more than 3 cup of coffee daily will increase your risk from cancer.
  • Mushroom. There are three kind of mushroom that you need to consume: maitake, ling zhi, and shiitake. Mushroom gave health benefit for immune system, reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol. Do not worry, mushroom is delicious food. You can cook it at home or find restaurant that prepare it.

Best Diet Tip for Cancer Treatment

Best diet tip for cancer treatment that you can do at home is diet with organic food. High fiber and fresh organic will make you able maintain your ideal body weight: organic food will make you slim and healthy. You should avoid eating meat because it contain hormonal. Organic good also rich with vitamin and mineral. If you would like gaining best result, combination of organic food diet and vegetarian diet will give quick result on your body immune system.Vegetarian diet has three benefits: to lose weight instantly, lower the risk of breast cancer, and coronary artery disease.

Exercise Treatment

Exercise is effective as treatment for cancer. Exercise 30 minute each day, three times a week, will help body to prevent cancer. Routine exercise will stimulate body immune system. Exercise also help to lose weight immediately. Body will more effective to absorb vitamins and fiber. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. You need to rest or sleep at least 8 hours each day to gave your body enough time to increase your immune body system to fight the cancer.

Laughing is best medicine of cancer treatment
Laughing is best medicine of cancer treatment | Source

Hypnotherapy for Cancer Treatment

You are responsible with your body and thought. Positive thinking and enthusiasm gave more energy to fight cancer cell. People who combine treatment for cancer with hypnotherapy are getting well sooner. Grief, anger, and negative mind will decrease immune system and faster cell cancer to grow. Affirmation and visualization will motivate your immune system to attack cancer cell. Laughing is effective way to have happy mind and positive thinking. Reading humor or watching funny movie will stimulate your body to release endorphin which has function to reduce pain and lead to happy feeling. This is one of the best cancer treatment.

What to Avoid

  • Carcinogen. All things that stimulate cancer are carcinogen. Avoid sweet/sugar food or salty, nitrate, bake food, junk food, frozen food, instant food, because it all stimulate cancer. Being vegetarian will help you to avoid cancer.
  • Smoking. I do not need to tell you about smoking. About 90 percent lung cancer caused by smoking. Passive smoking is also risk to cancer. Consume fruit will protect you because fruit contain ellagic acid which effective to attack carcinogen in tobacco.
  • Sunshine. Malignant Melanoma is deadly skin cancer. Avoid expose too long under sun without umbrella or big hat, and use sunscreen SPF about 30 minutes before you going out in sunny day.


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