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Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight - Lower Risk of Cancer Breast and Coronary Artery Disease

Updated on March 31, 2016

You should know that consuming meat, fast food and junk food will increasing your risk of obesity and several disease likes cancer and coronary artery disease. Be careful, meat maybe contains hormones residual and bacteria. Now vegetarian diets to lose weight become healthy life style among young generation in modern countries.

Vegetarian diet with vegetable
Vegetarian diet with vegetable

Who is Vegetarian?

What is vegetarian? Vegetarian is person who does not eat meat and poultry but consumes vegetables and fruits. What are the benefits of vegetarian diet? If you are overweight, obesity people is risky to many disease like cancer, coronary, stroke, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, allergies, indigestion, and more.

Ideal weight and consuming high fiber food will make you healthy and lower risk of those diseases. Good diet and routine exercise will increase body immune system significantly. The American Diet Association explained that healthy vegetarian will made our body more immune. Among young people, dating to vegetarian restaurant becomes a new life style. Vegetarian restaurants which more popular as living food restaurants or raw food restaurants are growing now in America.

Lose Weight with Vegetarian

Vegetarian or vegan people are usually has ideal body weight. It is because they only consume more high fiber food (no meat and poultry). They have sliming body because vegetables and fruits have lower calories and fat. This is the secret why Japanese people. They have a secret how to lose weight with Japanese diet.

Fiber foods like beans, wheat, fruit, and vegetable also easier to digest by stomach. Vegetarian diet and ideal body weight has ultimate benefit: you can say good bye to diabetes mellitus. Second benefit is to faster recovery if you suffering of arthritis. Other social benefits: you have more self-confidence and maybe more dating and look fashionable.

Coronary Artery Disease symptoms
Coronary Artery Disease symptoms

Coronary Artery Disease

Junk food, sugar, and meat are dangerous to your coronary. High cholesterol food will trigger coronary stroke and cancer. Vegetarian food diet is very low cholesterol or lower sugar and fat. Vegetarian person has lower risk of coronary attach than person who eat everything. Researcher from Louisiana University said that one of nine women age 45-65 is suffering of coronary disease. A child who usually consumes junk food also has early indication of coronary symptom. Lose weight diet is good as heart disease treatment because it lower your Cholesterol and Psyllium.

Eating meat habit will make you 50 percent risky of attacking and died by coronary. The risk will lower become 15 percent if you stop eating meat. It is only 4 percent if you also stop consuming poultry, egg, and frozen food. Conclusion: Fiber food diet, exercise, and ideal weight are the key to superb healthy life.

Self exam the breast
Self exam the breast | Source

Cancer Breast Risk

Cancer has significant relation to obesity, high cholesterol, and lower fiber food. Diet of high fiber food, consuming garlic and onion, vitamin E and C, Beta-Carotene are best food diet to avoid cancer and lose weight. British Medical Journal said that vegetarian diet will reduce 50 percent up to 76 percent of cancer risk. Harvard Nurse Health study found that meat will trigger cancer breast. Warning: cancer breast not only attack women, but also men. You can combine vegetarian diet with Treatment for Cancer - Fighting Cancer at Home.

National Cancer Institute said that women who use to eat meat have higher risk of breast risk. In other words, women who vegetarian and high fiber food diet has lower risk of cancer breast. Overweight person is higher risk of cancer and other diseases. So start your weight lose diet now, please.

Tip: Weigh Lose Diet

You should try vegetarian diet or at least try high fiber food diet. Weigh lose and has ideal weight is the most important way to avoid many diseases and gain ultimate healthy life. Stop consuming high sugar food, stop high fat food, and start consuming high food fiber now. Exercise at 2-3 times a week, maybe jogging, walking, going to gym, etc. Healthy diet and exercise will faster to lose your weight. Good luck with your slimming body.


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